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Typography is the style and appearance of printed material. It’s also the art or procedure of arranging type. So, that’s basically what typography is, but what can it do for a WordPress website? Well, I’ve found a lot of web designers don’t properly appreciate what great typography can do. now, these are text only WordPress themes, but some do come with images in the previews. But we’ve selected themes that work great with no images at all. So, keep that in mind.

Typography can be a design element all its own. It can be a part of your website brand, your company brand even and it can help set the stage for what is to come on the website. Different fonts give off different feelings and not every fun is right for every occasion. Depending on your audience, you may have different stylistic needs in terms of typography and that’s something to consider. But we’ve done our very best to select a wide variety of themes with outstanding typography and the flexibility to adapt on the fly.

Everything that we’ve chosen is completely responsive, user-friendly, and simple to manage. Most of the themes included here work with page-building tools to give you all the necessary control to the underlying layout of your website. WordPress also comes with a powerful theme options panel that gives you precise control over fonts, typography settings, colors, and other fine details. With all the tools at your disposal, you’ll have a beautiful looking typography WordPress theme quicker than you can say font. Well, maybe not that fast, but pretty fast.


Divi Page Builder Theme with Strong Typography Options

Divi is probably the most popular WordPress theme in the world. And considering the power of the Divi page builder gives you, you got quite a number of different ways to present content. There are several different pre-designed packages of home pages and inner pages giving you over 300 different but templates to start your cycling process with. The advanced typography features that DiviĀ  provides and assures you’ll have a very attractive and stylish presentation for your content. Selecting the right fonts and arranging your typography in an interesting way is one way to get a lot of attention for whatever you create.

Divi is more than just a pure typography driven WordPress theme. It’s one of the most powerful page building platforms available today. With it, you’ll have complete control over your web design from top to bottom. Thanks to the prebuilt templates, crafting a blog, portfolio or an online shop has never been easier. And with one of the largest communities available, you’ll have access to advanced learning, new techniques and new designs constantly.

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Typer Typography Driven WordPress Theme

Typer is an amazing WordPress multi-author blog and publishing theme. It’s an all-in-one publishing platform that’s fast and user-friendly. It’s great for online magazines, digital publishers and personal or professional bloggers. With the multi-author support, many different writers can create fantastic articles and other long-form content. This theme is reminiscent of medium.com and it offers quite a number of the same features that Medium has. It’s got clean, modern styling and thanks to the advanced typography system, you’ll have a highly readable website up and running in no time. There are several different built-in elements for the Elementor page builder. This allows you to create stunning pages and posts custom designs and lots of style. this theme provides a lot of different tools to improve the reading experience as well as the writing experience.

If you want to have a look at some more great personal blog themes, these might come in handy.

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Airtifact Clean Minimal Typography WordPress Theme

Airtifact is a creative WordPress portfolio theme with bold use of typography that helps set the stage for your creative work. highlighting your most important or favorite content and projects is something this a theme does really well. It’s an exciting way to present projects whether you created the entire thing or just a small part of it. With a very advanced portfolio builder, there’s nothing you can’t help guide your readers through.

This theme delivers an outstanding user experience and with full responsive design, it looks great on all devices. On top of all that, this is a lightweight and fast loading theme which can result in some extra benefits for your SEO. With the type of typography this theme offers along with the is high-performance features, setting up a website should be absolutely no trouble even if you are not a WordPress expert to begin with.

Want to see some more minimalist style WordPress themes? We’ve gathered up dozens of outstanding themes and they’re ready for you over here.

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Typograph Typography Driven Blog for WordPress

Typograph is a content-focused Gutenberg block builder WordPress theme. I really love the attention-getting headlines that you can develop and the typography looks great right out of the box, so you can switch to a different font if you choose. This theme is built to work perfectly even without images, though that’s not going to be the perfect solution for every blogger. You just need a great-looking image to help accentuate what you have created.

This is theme scores an A on the GT Metrix page loading tester, it works perfectly with accelerated mobile pages and the structured data is great for SEO geeks. If you need a typography focused WordPress theme that is translatable into any language, including right-to-left languages, this one is a really outstanding choice. And considering how high-performance this typography WordPress theme is, you’ll have no troubles ranking as high as possible in the search engines.

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Wilco Gutenberg Friendly Typography WordPress Theme

Wilco is a content-focused typography blog theme that uses the Gutenberg page Editor to give you absolute control over your entire website from header to footer and everything in between. The advanced theme admin panel gives you a massive and comprehensive amount of customization tools to make your side look fabulous. You’ll be completely unrestricted with his powerful page building set up. if you would like to sell products, you can download a free copy of WooCommerce and the pre styled shot that is included with this download is going to make your products or services look fantastic. If you want a really streamlined personal blog, a minimalist layout and powerful features, this theme gives you the works.

We’ve also put together some WooCommerce themes that might be useful for some of you. Heck, maybe all of you.

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Somerville WordPress Blog Theme with Unique Font Designs

Somerville is a minimalist and typography first or dress theme for writers. Writers who are on a budget favor this template because it’s so reasonably priced at just $49. You can stand out from the crowd and boost your website performance with this fast loading template. Thanks to the Gutenberg block editor, a cutting-edge tool for website construction, you’ll have control over your entire website from top to bottom. If you want a perfectly designed theme with really strong typography, a theme that is supremely simple to use and one that can develop amazing experiences, this one is a really outstanding choice for the sheer number of features and the sweeping vistas it generates.

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Marlow Unique Theme with Strong Typography

Marlow is a distinctive typography beast of a WordPress theme with nearly unlimited potential to highlight your content. The theme options panel is absolutely immense, it gives you control over all of your website settings in one place. It’s very simple to use and it develops an outstanding website every time out. This theme has a very classic design, it has a sort of minimalist style that can work for a wide range of content and topics. There are three basic layouts including one with the left side bar, one with a right sidebar and one with no sidebar at all. Each of these pre-made designs is totally responsive and you’ll get the documentation and hopeful support to help you make your website look fantastic.

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inFashion Clean Simple Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

inFashion is a very powerful personal and professional blog theme that also has endless possibilities as a lifestyle blog template. there are countless different ways to use any WordPress theme and this one does a fantastic job of showing you a lot of different ways it might be used. Travel blogs and personal blogs, travel journals and fashion blogs have all used this template to really solid results. The Redux framework gives you nearly infinite possibilities in terms of colors, typography, post formats, widgets, social media links and more. since it was originally released, this has proven to be an enduring theme with a never-ending supply of inspiration and outstanding style.

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Clean Photo

Clean Photo Portfolio Theme with Cool Typography

Clean Photo is a photography portfolio theme that uses really advanced typography design to perfectly accentuate your photographs and other portfolio work. any type of creative company or individual can benefit from a clean, handcrafted look like this one. This modern photo gallery template gives you three different header designs that can work really well for a variety of uses. depending on which style works best for you, you might want to use one with the hamburger menu, one without a logo at the top, but placed over to the left hand side or one that has a built-in search bar on the right and all the social media icons located there as well. there are several different sliders, features for displaying your most recent stories or posts and the entire theme is wholly responsive for outstanding presentation on all screen sizes.

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Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan Bold Photo Portfolio with Attention Grabbing Typography

Emily Nolan is a creative or press photography theme with some really strong and attention-getting typography. The bold headlines only partially cover your images, allowing them to be Center stage. But, with the right headlines or titles, these sans-serif titles can really add a lot to the mix. This theme has fast page load times, one click demo import, and unconditionally intuitive design, perfect support and documentation and the state-of-the-art theme options panel gives you a lot of ways to customize your site. As you scroll down the page, there’s some really fun and surprising animations but take place to highlight several of your most important images. Once you make your way to an actual post, you’ll see an armada of nicely arranged damages with a bit of text to help explain what is going on. Emily Nolan is one of the highest rated portfolio themes available as well.

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Moment Unique Magazine Theme with Modern Typography Style

Moment is a minimalist WordPress theme for bloggers who want attention-getting headlines that don’t get in the way of your images, but that accentuate them and provide a really outstanding user experience. This theme has a bit of an avant-garde style to it, it’s a truly unique layout that can help promote content with ease. It’s not a totally radical departure from the norm, but it is a bit forward-thinking. provided with your download are multiple article layouts, masonry created image layouts, full jetpack support with all of the powerful tools that plug-in provides and a strong powerful female options panel to help you control the look and feel of your sight. Moment is also SEO optimized for outstanding page load times and that can really pay big dividends for your search engine optimization efforts.

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Milo Clean Simple Typography Friendly Theme

Milo is a very simple, clean and minimalist WordPress theme that uses quite a number of different tactics to ensure it’s one of the leading candidates for the best minimalist blog, portfolio and e-commerce theme available. No matter what type of content you are creating, that simple, quiet and uncomplicated design can go a long way to making sure your content looks fantastic. That’s exactly what this theme does. It’s got a clutter-free, distraction-free presentation for posts and pages. With the advanced typography options, you can really switch things up to make your content absolutely fit your brand. This theme is smooth loading, it loads up briskly and it’s really nimble to edit as well. Customizing your theme should be no problem, though there are not nearly as many features in this tablet as there are in some we have gathered together in this collection. Still, the truly minimalist design commands a bit of additional attention.

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No Sidebar Pro

No Sidebar Pro Text Centered WordPress Theme

No Sidebar Pro is a really interesting theme that has completely abandoned any sidebar. It makes for a very clean presentation and the typography that is chosen for this template, a very clean and uncomplicated sans-serif font, really helps set that off. If you want an agile and nimble theme, one that loads up rapidly and when it looks fantastic on all devices, this one is a great option. Speaking of options, the powerful theme options panel is a really dashing way to customize your website. Everything you see is customizable and there are several different areas provided to give you a fleet-footed theme that is ready for anything.

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Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure Typography Driven Personal Blog Theme

Grace Under Pressure is a touch of optimized, responsive WordPress theme for writers. If you want an electric presentation for your content, this outstanding blog theme is a really wonderful choice. Your readers are going to be impressed by the stunning presentation of content, this one is completely different than anything else I’ve seen. It has five pre-made designs for literary writers, personal journals, food blogs, fashion magazines and a special presentation for female bloggers. It’s got handwritten typography to help express your ideas in a really fun way. Now, this is a touch swipe optimized theme too, which is cool. The themes navigation is completely hidden on mobile devices so it won’t distract from your content. That can help deliver a great reading experience on handheld devices. That’s something that a lot of themes overlooked and I think that it’s one thing that makes this typography driven writing WordPress theme so special.

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Ronneby eCommerce Theme with Strong Typography Driven Headlines

Ronneby is a high-performance WordPress theme with tons of pre-made designs. This is among the most popular themes, thanks in large part to those 40 different and gorgeous, pre-made styles. Each of them can help present your content in a slightly different way but no matter what you have to offer, there’s a premade design that can be very helpful to make it look amazing. In fact, since the recent update, the developer has now added a whole bunch of new demo styles. Now, there are 79 different pixel-perfect demos, most of them offering really interesting typography and attention-getting titles for your front page. keeping everything legible is what this theme is all about and it delivers a sizzling, blazingly fast page load time as well. If you want a premium quality template without spending thousands of dollars, this is high-powered, multi-purpose theme could be the right choice for you.

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Borderland Clean User Friendly Portfolio Theme

Borderland is a retro-styled photography portfolio with a dozen different pre-made styles, full WooCommerce support, fast and friendly help from the developer if you need it and it really helps tell your businesses story. This multi-purpose theme is great for blogs, portfolios and e-commerce shops. It integrates a lot of different blog lists and some single blog templates that you can use to highlight your brand and make your business a smashing success. Borderland is incredibly simple, the options panel is a very powerful way to add customization to your site and there are a lot of fun features like animations, custom post types, carousels and more to help set your content off and to make your visitors stand up and pay attention. Best of all, the typography is really nice right out of the box.

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Gonjjo Typography Centric WordPress eCommerce Theme

Gonjjo is a minimal, WooCommerce WordPress theme that has some really exciting typography options available. Now why this is important, with all the competition out there, if you want your business to be red hot and rolling, typography is a really interesting way to ensure people pay attention to your products. Typography can be overlooked by a lot of websites, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be. With this theme, you get some really attractive headlines and titles to help put a positive spin on your products or services. In addition, this theme comes with the King composer, a powerful page rolling tool that gives you lots of control over your website design. There’s a section drag-and-drop page builder that requires no coding to make use of. This is a perfect minimalist e-commerce theme if you’re looking for a lot of typography action.

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Crate Simple Mid Century Modern Typography Theme

Crate is a minimalist WordPress theme for creative agencies and freelancers. Crate does a really solid job of presenting your content in a quiet, uncomplicated way. It’s effortless to make your posts look amazing with this well-organized design. On top of that, you get some really nice typography implementation that keeps things very interesting and readable. If you’re looking for a clean, contemporary and beautiful WordPress theme with a classic, all natural design, this theme is a really wonderful option.

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The Agency

The Agency Flat Typography Centered WordPress Theme

The Agency is a very special template for creative digital agencies, architects, designers and web agencies. Optimized for rapid page load times, this theme has incredibly clean code, it’s simple to install, there’s top notch support included and the demo content is also included for one click installation. You can have a gorgeous looking website, one that looks at flashy and fun, incredibly quickly. It’s an unpretentious style, sort of plain to look at to be perfectly Frank, but I think it’s ingenious and its overall style. The typography does a great job of accentuating your text and I can make all the difference when it comes to getting people to click through to learn more about what you bring to the world.

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Typology WordPress Image Free Blog Theme

Typology is a minimalist WordPress blog that is completely text-based. It doesn’t require any images to make a great-looking website. If you’re looking for a totally distraction-free theme, this one is guileless and yet completely sophisticated. it’s perfect for writers who want full concentration to be placed on their text. So, if you’re going to have a completely text based website, the van der do a lot of hard work. Luckily, in this case, the pre-selected typography is really gorgeous and it helps make your posts come alive. It could be a bit of a challenge to present text on the screen without being boring. Somehow, typology makes it happen. It’s a no-nonsense, completely professional and honest presentation of content that really sets this template apart.

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Writing WordPress Blog Theme with Unique Text

Writing is a personal blogging theme that utilizes some interesting typography choices to create an effective presentation for posts. If you’re writing a personal blog, this theme is a really great option. It’s a perfect blend between minimalist, classical and modern styles. It can help generate a very simple and clean blog. For bloggers who want a beautiful presentation with more than just basic features, this advanced template gives you loads of control over your web design and the style you present. Every blog is different, every voice is different and every WordPress website should be different. With this one, you’ll get unlimited ability to craft a TaylorMade website that speaks with your voice.

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Vavo Bold Home Page With Cool Type Choices

Vavo is a really fun, interactive and clean WordPress theme for creatives. This portfolio template provides several different amazing designs that are almost primal in their layout. 8 different home pages are provided, each of them giving you super fast page load times and outstanding typography. one click a demo import means you’ll have any of these 8 pre-made styles up and running almost instantly. Also included are some video tutorials to give you a real light up building your website. You can post video content, there are optional parallax and video backgrounds, every page loads up incredibly fast and looks wonderful on all devices, because this template is fully responsive. The developer promises fast and friendly support and that can go a long way to helping beginners achieve the most they can out of their website.

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