The Best Single Page WordPress Themes for Business

Here’s a new collection of single page themes for amazing business websites.  They’re great for all kinds of businesses, app promotions, general brick and mortar businesses.  You get the deal.  Let’s dig in!

Verko, One Page WordPress Applications Theme

Verko Modern Flat Clean WordPress One Page App Theme
Verko Modern Flat Clean WordPress One Page App Theme

This theme is called Verko, it’s a one-page WordPress theme that’s great for app launches, software promotion or anything else that only requires one page to tell the entire story of what it is your website is all about. At times, themes are little too intricate and detailed, not all websites truly require a multi-page theme, that’s where like Virgo comes in. This is a WordPress theme that focuses on marketing your products and services, it’s got landing page templates and it really helps you encourage all users to take the next step to contacting your business. That’s what a call to action is all about. You can use a photo or video to achieve this, Verko is suitable for just about any type of business or creative agency that wants Maximum Impact in delivering their message to potential customers. The steam was created with a minimalist, modern design, it offers masterful slider presentation and visual composer to help ensure incredible flexibility and a great user experience.

If you’ve been searching for a one page theme and you’ve come across this particular page, well, that’s good, I guess?  But maybe this theme isn’t exactly what you want?  If Verko isn’t doing it for you, then you may want to look at our full one page WordPress theme collection.  That’s a great place to find exactly what you want to find.  The whole collection is full of amazing stuff, it’s got a wide range of themes, each one of them has a little bit different set of features or a different style.  The whole collection is full of fantastic themes that can work for any sort of one page theme website.  So, anyway, hopefully, you can find what you want if the Verko theme isn’t right for you.

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LightOne, Clean, Modern One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

LightOne WordPress One Page Parallax Themes
LightOne WordPress One Page Parallax Themes

LightOne is a clean and bright WordPress creative theme that uses one page design, smooth parallax scrolling and big, bold images to get it’s point across.

LightOne is a well-designed one page Parallax WordPress theme that is great for digital creative companies that want to establish a great-looking website or rebrand an old, dated site. By using the power of visual composer and bootstrap, this user-friendly WordPress theme allows you to really wow your clients, and establish new business at the same time.

Let’s have a look at the great looking at home page style of the LightOne WordPress template.

You may wonder if the themes name is a reference to the light and bright, airy and minimal style of this template, or whether or not it’s referring to the lightweight code.

In fact, it’s both.

This 100% GPL license WordPress theme loads up fast, looks great on every device tested and it’s an amazing and modern website for advertising agencies, corporate Pages, creative companies, digital agencies, Freelancers and more. With a built-in blog, you can beat the bushes to attract new traffic, which is always something that creative companies need to do. You’ll certainly be providing a great looking theme that gives a great first impression to all of your visitors. If you want to showcase your creative work in a unique and fun manner, light one could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

If you’d like to see a more extensive selection of one page themes, why not have a look at our collection? We have assembled quite a group of single page templates, each one of them better than the last. That’s not to say we put the best one last, you might find that the first one is the best. I could keep going on and on and flattering about which one page theme is better than the other, but honestly, that’s all about your personal taste and the needs of your company. Anyway, I will be back with more one page templates soon, so see you later.

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SCRN, One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

SCRN WordPress Single Page Theme
SCRN WordPress Single Page Theme

SCRN is a one-page, responsive portfolio theme that is ready for any sort of work. No matter what you want to promote, this mobile-friendly theme has the minimalist one page design, along with unattractive blog, that you may have been looking for. It even supports videos in portfolio sections, something that not all one page themes seem to offer some of the main features of this theme include the responsive design, and advanced theme options panel for quick customization of your sight, plenty of different visual composer blocks for adding content and helping you to move things around, and sticky navigation. That is all important when building a one-page website.

What is it that makes one page WordPress themes so popular? Well, when it comes to the various layouts that are available to you, one page themes are a little bit more simple and easy to navigate. That doesn’t mean that your website is going to be simplistic or generic. Far from it, you can have all the dynamic look and feel that a multi-page theme offers, but using just one page.

If your website is specifically usually focused, perhaps a creative agency or a digital agency, you’re going to love one page themes for building a great-looking portfolio for your content. In addition, you can use the custom post managers to help you develop any type of custom posts with ease. However, that’s not what one page themes are bad. The Collection that we have built of WordPress one page themes, it’s a great way to find multiple different layouts that provide a great starting point for building your website.

Ensuring that your site has the proper layout is critical to the success of your website. If you have settled on a one page design for your site, but you want to add or change things in the future, many of the themes in our collection offer multi-page options down the road. He’s multi-purpose themes are a great way to ensure continuing flexibility and to make it so that you don’t have to completely start over from scratch if you decide to change the look of your sight.

Throughout our entire collection, you’ll find multiple different themes that offer both one page and multi-page styles, I think that we have found most of the best themes, but there are plenty more out there and more coming around every day. We are committed to adding more fantastic games all the time, with your help, we can achieve that. If you know of a fantastic one page WordPress theme, we would love to hear about it in the comments. We will try our best to ensure that we add all of the highest quality themes that there are to offer.

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Swenson, Full Featured Bootstrap One Page Theme

Swenson WordPress Theme For Modern Creative Stuff
Swenson WordPress Theme For Modern Creative Stuff

With Swenson, you’re getting a wonderful, soft almost ephemeral WordPress theme that still packs a bunch that belies it’s innocent and lovely design features.  Installation is simple and set up requires no knowledge of code or web page development. This template’s construction, assembled with CSS3 and HTML5 combined with the popular Bootstrap 3 framework, allows for layout alternatives that are truly unique and fluid. The resultant websites display on any size screen and that use Swenson are entirely receptive. Both one page and multiple page websites can be built with ease.

That’s the blog demo, standard version.  We’ve gathered up a ton more personal blog themes if that’s what you’ve come here for.

Now, despite the fact that Swenson is simple and user friendly, that does not mean it lacks in features, although Swenson is simple to work with. The parallax scrolling design that is popular offers easy navigation up and down the page. Entire customization of headers enables you to take control of website visitors’ first impressions. The premium Visual Composer plug in lets you drag various blocks of widgets, content or elements into place. Slideshows and other dynamic demonstrations with eye catching animations and transitions can be assembled using the Revolution Slider plugin. All of these features and more can be deployed or customized in the Redux alternatives panel.

That’s the rundown for Swenson and I think you’ll love what you see, should this be the theme you choose for your next website.

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Honshi, WordPress Business Theme for One Page Websites

Honshi Ultra Modern Parallax WordPress Theme
Honshi Ultra Modern Parallax WordPress Theme

Simple and Clean, whether you want your website to offer a single page style or a multi-page book, Honshi is a themed well worth considering. This theme offers plenty of features that are similar to a lot of other creative agency or minimalist portfolio sites, one click installation to get your demo data up and running quickly, helping you achieve a solid base looked customized.

There’s also a powerful page builder that lets you do just about anything you want in terms of creating layouts for your posts and pages. In addition to that, Honshi gives you powerful admin panel that helps you create edits to the way out and look at your side, all without having to know anything about coding. There is an impressive documentation included and fantastic support as well.

This is a smooth and Sleek theme that was inspired by Nature. That’s a really neat thing, I think that as a one-page theme, that intuitive design and familiar style is going to really set it apart from the rest. Also, considering how flexible this theme is, it really doesn’t matter what type of site you are attempting to create, you will be left with a stunning and beautiful web page, no matter what the subject matter.

If you’re searching for even more options for building the best one page WordPress theme that you possibly can, you’re going to want to have a look at our full collection of themes. Businesses and websites that don’t have a gigantic amount of content, sometimes a one-page name is all you need. You can create a very interactive user experience that delivers your content first and foremost.

Our collection of one page themes for WordPress is great for self-hosted WordPress websites that want to seem that really delivers on content presentation, without the necessity to have multiple Pages involved. Some are great for portfolios or photography websites, others for businesses. Most of them are incredible multi-purpose themes that include one click demo import and all of them, of course, I have a single page option. All you’ll need to do is replace your content and get started quickly.  There’s more to live than multi-page themes, you know what I mean?  I think one page themes like this one are trending for a reason.  People don’t have the time to wade through tons of pages, especially if the information is clearly presented in a professional and stylish way.  That’s what this collection is all about, so check it out for more great themes.

Oh yes, many of them also offer WooCommerce support, allowing you to set up a shop quickly and efficiently. We’ve gathered up nothing but the most beautiful one page themes that can be easily adapted to suit your needs. Many of the themes also include multi-page options, although that’s probably not why you’re here if you are looking for a one-page theme. Still, it’s always nice to have flexibility going forward if you should decide to add more pages to your website.

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