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The Best Video WordPress Themes for Vlogs and Portfolios

November 14, 2019
The Best Video WordPress Themes for Vlogs and Portfolios

This collection is going to be all about video.  Whether you’re building a video blog or vlog, a video magazine, a reviews site or a community, there’s a lot of different ways to incorporate video into your website’s presentation.  Video is all around us and more websites are taking advantage of the different ways video can help grab the attention of your readers.  So, we’ve tried our best to gather up a wide selection of different video themes to help your WordPress website look the best it can look.

Oregon, Free, Minimalist WordPress Video Theme

Oregon, Free, Minimalist WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This is Oregon, a free WordPress theme that was created by Templified.  It’s a personal blog, but it’s designed to work with either self hosted or embedded video files.  So, I think it could work pretty well for a video travel blog, a personal blog or something else.  The choice is yours.  And, hey, it’s free, so there’s that.  It doesn’t cost a thing to give it a shot to see if it works.  You can check out some additional minimalist themes in this collection.

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Viseo, Video and Podcasting WordPress Theme


Viseo is a fantastic looking theme for podcasters and video blogs.  Demo content is included, so you can get your site off the ground quickly.  With Viseo, every video feature needed is right there for you to take advantage of.

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Divi, Premium, Drag and Drop Video Theme for WordPress


Considering Divi is one of the most popular themes and one of those themes that has features for just about any purpose, we had to include Divi in this collection of themes for video.

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Materialism, Material Design Video WordPress Theme


I think that WordPress is pretty clearly the best platform for building a video website and with a theme like Materialism, you get an attractive option for doing just that.  This theme works wonders for displaying portfolios of your digital creativity, but it also works great as a blog.

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Vignette, Multimedia, Full Screen WordPress Theme


This is Vignette, a great looking theme for video.  It’s a theme that allows you do craft a well made portfolio site, but you can also share video blog posts with it.  This multimedia gem allows for full screen videos on your front page too, which can be a nice way to attract more attention to your content.

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VLog, Video Blogging WordPress Theme


With WordPress and it’s constantly evolving set of tools, you can create nearly any sort of website you can imagine.  If you want to add video to the mix, this Vlog theme is a wonderful option.  Vlog has, of course, several wonderful options for building an amazing video blog.  News magazines or personal video, travel or tutorials, reaction vids or reviews, this theme does it all.  Vlog includes several well made, modern demo styles, and it’s effortless to post, self hosted or embedded.

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Soledad, Premium Video Magazine WP Theme


Soledad is a theme that I tend to include in a lot of collections, but I don’t think of it as cheating.  This is one of the absolute best themes out there.  It’s powerful, easy to use, flexible and dynamic.  There are dozens of different layouts, dozens of premade styles and I think this video blog and portfolio demo is one of the best.  If you need to sell products, you might like to know that Soledad is also WooCommerce friendly.

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For sharing video content, a theme like BeTube is a strong option.  This theme is flexible and easy to use, you get 10 different homepage styles and each one has a little bit different layout to help promote your video content.

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The Movie, WordPress Theme for Films and TV Series

The Movie, Movie and TV Series WordPress Theme

The Movie is a WordPress theme that was specifically designed for anyone who needs to promote movies, feature films, documentaries or other types of film and video projects.

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Reel Story, Filmmaker’s WordPress Portfolio Theme


Reel Story, from ThemeFuse, is a solid all-around video WordPress theme for blogs and portfolios.  With Reel Story, you get a very well organized theme for multimedia and video content across any sort of genre or topic.

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Ananke, Creative WordPress Video Theme


This is Ananke, a one page parallax theme that works great for video blogs and portfolio websites.  The Ananke theme has a nice style, it’s perfect for designers, creative companies, photographers and videographers.  With full support for resposnive video, Ananke can make your film and video clips look great on all devices.

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Grand Magazine, Creative Video Magazine an Blog Theme

Grand Magazine WordPress Video Blog Theme

Grand Magazine is among my favorite themes.  This theme is easy to get the most out of.  There are several different starting designs, helping you rapidly set up a fantastic looking website.  Placing the focus on your video content is what Grand Magazine is all about.  Of course, not all of your content is going to be video.  That’s why I really love Grand Magazine, it blends standard posts with video posts, displaying bold images and easy to read text.  It’s a great blend for any website that needs that kind of flexibility.

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Joker, Full Screen Video and Photography Portfolio Theme


If you’re looking for a fullscreen video theme, Joker could be a very solid option for you.

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SOHO, Full Screen WordPress Video Theme


Soho is a theme that takes full advantage of WordPress’ ability to showcase either embedded or self hosted video files.  It really makes your content look it’s best.

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Leedo, Creative, Colorful WordPress Digital Video Theme


This is Leedo, a great looking WordPress theme for building video portfolios.  For any sort of creative company, Leedo looks amazing.  I think that creative agencies that do a lot of work in video and film are going to love this theme.

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Glyche, WordPress Theme for Promoting Music Videos


Glyche is a wonderful theme that’s built for music video promotion, for promoting albums and other creative stuff.

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Circle, MultiPurpose Video and Film WordPress Theme


Circle was designed from the ground up for film studios, directors, video bloggers, creative studios and anyone else who needs the ability to make their video content shine.  Self hosting or embedding videos, that’s up to you.  Circle works great either way.

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Goodwin, Photography and Video Portfolio Theme


Goodwin is a video and phoptography portfolio theme.  Videographers and photographers need a theme that has a strong focus on visual presentation and I think the full screen layout of a theme like Goodwin does just that.

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Moview, WordPress Film Trailer Blog Theme


Film trailer websites, coming attractions and magazines about upcoming movies, that’s what Moview is made for.  With BuddyPress support, Moview is a theme that allows you to build an entire community around a single film, a genre or the entire film industry.

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Drone Media, WordPress Drone Footage Theme


Drone Media has a little bit of a high tech feel to it, which is probably why people seem to use it for drone video, aerial footage and blogs about flying your drones.  Get the freshest, trendiest theme around for a fresh and trendy hobby or business.

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Attitude, Multimedia Blog and Portfolio Theme


Attitude is a quality blog and portfolio theme that has audio, video and image gallery support.  This is one of the best WordPress themes for videographers I’ve seen so far.

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Video Touch, Video Magazine WordPress Theme


VideoTouch is a classic.  This theme helps you create a sort of YouTube clone, because it allows for front end submission from your users.  That’s a pretty cool feature and one that’s worth checking out.

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News Tube, Magazine Theme for Video Clips


News Tube is another WordPress theme that allows for front end submission of video content.  It’s alwys great to have options and I think this one is a solid option.

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VideoTube, YouTube Style WordPress Video Magazine Theme


Okay, here’s one more WordPress theme for front end video submission.  It’s a theme that also allows you to embed video clips from sites like YouTube, Hulu, Dailymotion or Vimeo.

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Create, Drag and Drop Page Builder for Vlogs

Create is a WordPress theme with a built in page builder, it’s widely used and very flexible.  Create is a user friendly theme for building a video blog and portfolio.

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Kon/Cept, Minimalist WordPress Video Theme


Kon/Cept has a very simple, clean and minimalist style, making it a great way to help promote your video projects.  I think the minimalist style lends itself perfectly to any sort of video portfolio of vlog website.

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Brooklyn, Business Theme and Video Blog


Brooklyn is another great theme for video blogs.  It’s one of the most popular themes for business websites, for creative agencies, for portfolios and blogs.  The Brooklyn theme includes a fully automated website installer, you can adjust theme options for the website as a whole or for individual pages and posts.

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Studio 8, Creative Agency and Video Blogging Theme

Studio 8 is a great looking theme for creative studios that produce a lot of video content.  Studio 8 has a very clean, simple and organized design that helps present any creative content perfectly.

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Ultra, Video Blog and Gaming Magazine Theme

This theme is built for magazines, particularly those that use a lot of video.  I think the best example of that is gaming magazines.  If you’re posting a lot of walkthroughs, tutorials or reviews, a magazine theme like Ultra is a fantastic choice.  It’s powerful and easy to use.  It’s simple to set up and simple to adapt Ultra to fit with your needs.

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Inspiro, Inspirational WordPress Theme for Video Blogging

Inspiro has a clean, well organized style, so I’ve included it in this collection to add a little depth.  This theme has video backgrounds and a video lightbox, in addition to several other features that make it great for video websites.  This is one of the most popular themes for filmmakers and small business owners that use a lot of video to promote their work.

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Immense, Full Screen Video Blog and Portfolio Theme

Immense is a full screen WordPress theme that handles video as well as any theme out there.  If you’re looking to take advantage of the full width of the screen to showcase massive, high definition video, this is the theme for you.

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Plexx, Metro Style WordPress Video Portfolio Theme


Plexx is a metro style WordPress portfolio theme that presents visual and video content quite well.  It’s built for any sort of general purpose creative site, but video is definitely one of the things that Plexx handles quite well.

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