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The Gem, One Pager WordPress Template

May 9, 2019

Looking for a little something different for your one page WordPress theme? Well, this theme has what it takes to give you a really unique look for your site. TheGem is the name of this theme and it is a very versatile, high-performance with responsive design and a wheelie modern design that is suitable for building just about any type of website.

There are 70 different pre-made Creative Concepts that work for a wide variety websites, full screen pages, landing pages, online stores and portfolios, just to name a few. Any business that wants a high-quality WordPress theme could do a whole lot worse than this template. In fact, speaking of templates, there are 200 different creative templates, so most of the concepts that are included have multiple different styles available to you. All of them are reading already and mobile friendly, great for SEO and high performance all around.

WooCommerce is supported by every day as well, even the one page template styles. This theme is ready for just about any plug-in you want to throw at it, it works for any language and one thing that I really enjoy, tech support is available in English, German and Russian languages. Not all theme developers offer that little tidbit of help. If you’re looking for a web design with a whole lot of flare and every feature necessary to create a fantastic theme, TheGem is the theme of for you.

The Gem, One Pager WordPress Template

Well, that just about does it for another WordPress theme. If this one-pager is not exactly the theme for you, you should have a look at our full collection of themes that only need one page to get the job done. For businesses and creative websites, individuals and companies that only need one page to get all of their information out there, one page themes are a fantastic choice.  We’ve also got some amazing portfolio themes for WordPress.

These themes are incredibly simple to use for both front-end and back-end users. The navigation is completely taken out of the mix, making certain that all the information that you want to get across is on just one page. That can be a real benefit to small websites that don’t want readers bouncing from page to page to find exactly what they need. Then again, A lot of times, you may start with the concept that you are only trying to build a one-page website, but you decide to add more pages down the road. In that case, you will want a theme that is incredibly flexible and offers both multi-page and single page layout options. In our full collection of one page themes, you can find many templates that fit this description.

These themes help keep things simple by allowing you to add more pages down the road if you see fit. Well one page themes are great for some businesses and individuals, they’re not perfect for everyone. With the thousands of options out there, you shouldn’t have to settle for a theme that doesn’t give you exactly what you need. You should also never have to struggle to adapt your website to changing conditions. That’s why I flexible, multi-purpose one page theme is a great option. So, have a look at our collection to find many examples of themes that offer both one page and multiple page styles. They’re a great place to start your business and a great place to start the search for the absolute perfect web template for your upcoming project.

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