Töbel, Modern Furniture Store

Töbel Is a clean, classic and really stylish furniture shop WordPress theme and lately, it seems like we’ve reviewed quite a few of those lately. This one is certainly among the finest I’ve seen lately. It’s got a modern, almost European design in a way and I think that’s going to appeal to a pretty broad audience.

It doesn’t even matter whether you live in Europe? Well, it couldn’t hurt.

This theme really does have of a modern feel to it, it’s airy, light, bright and I think the typography does a really nice job of setting everything off. If you’re looking for a versatile theme with a lot of different versatile layouts, this one provides. The set of multiuse templates that is provided for inner pages is a really great thing to see. You can highlight your location, contact information, say a little bit about your company, whatever you want to do to set the stage.

For people who want to sell products to an affluent audience, one that appreciates modern living spaces filled with modern, gorgeous furniture, I think this theme represents a real opportunity for you. And the clean, minimal style doesn’t hurt either.

The flexibility continues when it comes to the online shopping components. There are some stylish and flexible shop lists, beautiful portfolio layouts to highlight what you offer for sale and because this is WordPress, you’ll be happy to note just how beautiful the included blog designs are.

Here’s a look at the homepage that is listed as the default version. It’s the clean, simple and well-crafted homepage for any online furniture seller.

Tobel – Modern Furniture Store
Töbel – Modern Furniture Store

And this design is more for individual furniture manufacturers, it highlights specific products rather than a full range of stuff. As a virtual showroom, that really makes quite a bit of sense to me. What you think of the design?

Furniture Showroom – Tobel 1
Furniture Showroom – Töbel

Here’s a design that’s specifically built for furniture brands. If you are a furniture manufacturer, if you’re importing furniture from overseas, where the deer it is you are trying to do, this theme offers a really professional way to help brand your operation.

Furniture Brand – Tobel
Furniture Brand – Töbel

You’ll have the ability to highlight products in a really interesting grid pattern that functions as a product gallery as well as allowing easy access for customers to shop for what they want to purchase. That’s what you’re seeing in this next example.

Product Gallery – Tobel
Product Gallery – Töbel

And finally, here is a preset design for interior decor sales. It’s got the same clean look, professional design and itmakes your products really come alive. You can showcase your past work and keep everything well organized in a beautiful image gallery style.

Interior Decor Home – Tobel
Interior Decor Home – Töbel

So, that does it for this particular theme, a really strong option for building a furniture store. If you value modern design and modern WordPress features, it produces the proper blend.

The developer, one of the best in the business, offers outstanding support and documentation, there are even some video tutorials that go along with your download. So, it should be a really trouble-free situation to save your website up and to make it look just like the demos. Fortunately, if that’s what you’re looking for, there are one click demo import options that you covered.

Hopefully this theme works great for your needs and if not, we will certainly be back around shortly with even more great modern themes. Furniture stores, other eCommerce purposes, home decor, interior designers, we’ve got something coming up for just about everybody. So, stay tuned for the updates.

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