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Typer Amazing Blog and Multi Author Publishing Theme

October 24, 2019
Typer – Multi Blogging Theme

Typer is a classy theme that’s made for multi author blogs, which seem to be a thing these days.  I’m not talking about sites like WordPress.com or Medium, I mean sites where multiple folks come together to write a communal blog.  It can be pretty interesting.

Publishing articles, news, tutorials or telling the story about your life, it’s never been easier than with a theme like Typer. This is a blog theme is fast and clean, it allows for future posts and you can follow any of the different authors who will sign up for your website so that they can share their own stories. This is a multi-author blog that is very interesting, it works great for small collectives you want to blog about a particular topic, but you can open things up and let people from all over register and submit their own content.

Folks can create feeds, tweak there profile settings, let the world know a little bit about what they’re into and more in the front end user profile section. You can optionally send up a weekly digest of information based on your interests. every aspect of this site is completely customizable using the very intuitive and user-friendly page builder. There are quite a few stylish elements provided by element or and you can create your own cool pop ups using the jet pop-up system.

It’s all really cool, in my opinion.

Here’s the brief description of Typer, provided by the developer.

Typer is a Fast WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts. Write blog posts with 100% supported Gutenberg builder and build landing pages with Elementor. Have your own front user profile and allow others to write on your site.

And the blog page is here.  It looks nice, probably workable for any type of content, but the crisp, ‘techy’ feel of it probably means it’s best for tech related articles and news.  What do I know though?

Typer Multi Author WordPress Theme

We’ve also created a couple themes to take a peek at.


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