Untica, Personal Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Untica is the name of this high quality, well crafted personal blog and magazine theme.

This theme is Gutenberg ready, the clean and minimal design looks great on all devices, thanks to its responsive nature. It offers live customization and four different blog listing layouts. I think that it has enough flexibility and style to give you quite a number of different looks for your website. Not everyone loves the left-sided navigation, so I think that that is a bit of a question in terms of how popular this blog template will end up being. That said, if you favor that style, it could be a decent option. No matter what, you will have a clean and creative, Gutenberg friendly web template that is perfect in any language, thanks to its inherent translateability. Is that a word?

I’m not one to get in the way of the developer Wednesday attempt to describe their theme, so I’m not going to take the words out of their mouth. In fact, this is what the developer, V_Kulesh, has to say about this template.

Untica is a clean and modern WordPress theme with an elegant, carefully crafted design. This powerful, responsive blog theme is ideal for your personal or magazine-style blog, whether your passion is travel, beauty, nature, photography, architecture, DIY… the list goes on! Untica will make your WordPress look beautiful everywhere.

This is a mobile first WordPress theme that was designed very carefully to give a great first impression, and to display perfectly on all devices sizes. By starting with the smallest screen and adapting the look to larger screens as the developer goes along, you can ensure that your web template looks perfect on all devices. It’s something that is called mobile first design, and not all developers do it. I think that the benefits can really help make a great-looking website though. So, anyway, here is a look at the front page.

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