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Vastart – Digital Company & Startup WordPress Theme

September 3, 2019
Vastart Digital Company & Startup WordPress Theme

This is the Vastart WordPress theme.

This Vastart WordPress theme gives you a real-time page builder, you’ll have one of the best real-time design experiences ever. The professional page builder that is included with the same gives you an exact preview of your content will you edit every on screen element.

You can preview your content to see how it will look on mobile devices and tablets as well. This is a bloat free WordPress theme that realizes that you don’t need a ton of pointless features to make your project look its best. it’s true that slow loading, bloated templates can actually cause poor rankings in Google. That’s certainly something that you want to avoid and with this template, you’re going to avoid it.


This theme offers an enhanced mobile experience because it was optimized for smaller screens implementing adaptive images to avoid Large mobile data transfers that can slow page load times to a crawl. that ensures the best mobile experience possible for all of your users.

The Vastart theme options panel is intuitive and gives you a lot of options to choose from in just seconds. There is a footer builder to allow you to create a footer that looks just like you want to look. overall, this 100% GPL licensed theme is quite a bargain and certainly one that is worth considering.

I really like the developer’s description of Vastart.  I gets the message across with ease.

Vastart is built specifically for a small digital company with a big vision. This theme is handcrafted and equipped with unique designs so you can spread your message to the world without worrying about building your website.

So, does the visual presentation live up to that heady description?  Let’s find out.

Vastart - Digital Company & Startup WordPress Theme

Not too shabby.

Here’s another option though, it’s called Oregon and Templified is the creator of this simple, clean and minimal blog theme.

Oregon, Free WordPress Blog Theme

Download a copy of Oregon here or check out the demo page to see how it looks in action.

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