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Vlog WordPress Video Blogging Template

April 7, 2021
Vlog WordPress Live Streaming Theme

Here’s a solid WordPress theme for video blogs, portfolio and video magazine websites.

Vlog is a strong and nicely crafted portfolio theme for your videos. Whether you are self hosting your video files, or using an agency like Vimeo, Twitch, Daily Motion or YouTube, Vlog is a wonderful theme that has what it takes to be a ideal portfolio page for your job. You can built a private video site, a complex magazine based around video clips and much more. Building a site with a lot of tutorials? They’re going to look incredible on Vlog, exhibited in a really unique and pleasing manner that’s simple to prepare and even easier to use for both front and rear end users. How about sharing your own viral movies or maybe even comedy videos? They’ll look great too, since Vlog is this a perfect solution for your video blogging demands. Your content hasn’t looked better.

What are some of the features of Vlog? It is possible to organize your videos to different playlists, as a result of the amazing’Series’ plugin. For multi-part articles like video tutorials or podcasts, it is an ideal way to keep things organized. This theme automatically finds thumbnails too, so you won’t need to upload another thumbnail for every video clip you post. There’s a’watch after’ mode and a cinema mode, for diversion free viewing. Over two hundred article layout combinations make Vlog a superbly flexible design also. Nonetheless, it is not so bulky that Vlog does not load and run incredibly quickly, this theme is perfectly optimized for speed and which helps rank greater, assisting you to build your traffic.

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Vlog is an absolute classic, it’s one of the best video blog and podcasting combination themes out there. It has a very strong focus on videography and it does everything that it needs to present relatively complex content plainly and simply. Thanks to the modern and sophisticated layouts, you’ll have a lot of different dynamic ways to present video podcasts and video blog posts. It even functions as a handsome and solidly crafted tutorial website or viral video website. this theme is totally compatible with both YouTube and Vimeo, as well as Dailymotion. You can embed or self-host video clips as you choose. YouTube and Vimeo also support automatic video import and you can group videos into a playlist. Thanks to WooCommerce support, you can monetize your website by creating premium level content that only subscribers can access. This is a really interesting way to make a little bit of money off of your heart podcasting work.

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