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November 6, 2019
WordPress Wedding Planner Themes

If your business is planning weddings, you know how important your website can be. The wedding planner business can be quite rewarding, though it is a real challenge. But, helping folks out on their big day can really put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. Having the right website is a very critical part of building a very successful online business. sure, you could go ahead and create yourself a website from scratch, why take the time and effort to do that when there are so many perfectly built WordPress themes out there for creating a great-looking website that can absolutely make a perfect impression on your target audience.

The themes in this collection have all been designed from the ground up for wedding planning websites using the WordPress content management system. Each one of these teams has at least one specifically built demo for that purpose and several of them have multiple options. There are lots of different page templates to help you create a website that has all the features that you need to build that perfect wedding planning site. There are pre-built contact form pages, page templates for describing what you have to offer in terms of services and a variety of portfolio pages to share your work with the world. This can make a tremendous first impression and can really help you drive business to your website.

Sure these pre-made templates look fantastic but each and every one of them is also quite simple to customize. That means that you won’t have to settle for a look or feel, I said of features or a design that you don’t want to offer. adding your own branding is very easily done and with any of the themes in this collection you can create a custom look and feel for your site that is incredibly unique and looks like it is purpose-built for your wedding planning site. All of that despite the fact that you get the benefit of a very reasonably priced theme right out of the box. It’s good to have options.

It’s never been easier to launch your own wedding planning website using one of the premium quality themes in this collection

Alis, WordPress Wedding Planner Theme


I’m starting with one of my absolute favorite WordPress themes for wedding planners, it’s called Alis and it’s a real winner.  This is an awesome theme that has a professional look at all the features that any wedding planning business needs. It’s certainly a theme that is worth taking a closer look at and I’ll get into a lot of the reasons why here in a moment. from the absolute beginning, you see the high-quality design of this theme not just in the pre-built home page layouts, but the internal pages as well. You also get stylish assortment of great-looking portfolio templates to showcase your images. Show off your past work, photographs of weddings that you have planned and any other events that might pertain to your wedding planning business. In fact, this theme includes a premium portfolio builder plugin that gives you a whole bunch of useful functionality and some special treats. special treats like what? Well, one thing that this theme includes is a large selection of stock photography. These are premium images that you get for absolutely nothing, that’s a real money saving feature that not every wedding or wedding planning theme can offer. All of the images are completely royalty free and licensed under a non attribution agreement. that means you don’t even have to have your own portfolio of great looking images to promote for business. Of course, eventually, you should probably showcase stuff that you actually created, but this is a great way to populate your website and get you started quickly.

of course, aside from all of the amazing pre-built and included content, there are plenty of other reasons that you might want to consider this template. as with pretty much everything that I’ve included in this collection, you get a very powerful drag-and-drop page building tool that can help you control the look, feel, features and functionality of your website. You’ll also have complete access to a massive set of customization tools. All of this let you create a custom look For your site with every feature that you want and nothing that you don’t. That’s just the color, font choices and other global changes almost instantly.

WordPress beginners, you’ll have full access to a video tutorial series that is included with your purchase. These simple, handy guides can help you find out how to harness the power of WordPress and set your website up exactly like you wanted to look. this is a great learning tool and something that you can turn to again and again as you go through the process of setting up and customizing your brand new wedding planning WordPress theme.

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Fluer, Feminine WordPress Theme for Wedding Planners


With beautiful pastel colors and a smart typography design, Fleur is it really beautiful and elegant wedding planning web template. Thanks to wordpress, it’s got every feature you could possibly need to start up your business.

We tried our very best in this wedding planning theme Roundup to include a number of themes with a variety of designs. I think that this is one of the themes that really stands out from the others. The design is a bit muted when compared to some of the other bold and feminine styles that you will see in his collection. I think the color palette could be ideal for some wedding planners who want an understated, muted look for their site. Of course, there are plenty of attention-getting themes in his collection and perhaps one of them is going to be a better option for your needs. But, that’s what variety is all about. Has quite a number of different layouts and a list of features that is truly impressive. if you want to adjust the look of your sight, you can and things up by adjusting the colors, displays, layouts and fonts. That makes this a really great choice for any wedding planner, even if the pre-made look is not exactly what you wanted.

right out of the box, the pre-made, purpose-built wedding planner demo is good to go. All you have to do is imported into your WordPress dashboard and swap out your content for the dummy data. it’s very straightforward and easy to achieve, even if you’re a beginner. Add some text and images and you will be one step ahead of the game in terms of promoting your wedding planning business. Just upload your logo, change the colors to match your business and you’re halfway to having a great-looking, branded business website for your wedding planning and events company.

But, thanks to all of the many different pre-made demos in this WordPress theme download package, you could certainly consider this a multi-purpose wedding theme. It’s great for creating wedding planning sites, of course, but it’s also ideal for a launching a wedding announcement website. You could even create a bridal store thanks to WooCommerce support. If you are a baker and you specialize in wedding cakes, wedding photography or anything else in the wedding related field, this theme looks great and it could be the perfect tool to build a user-friendly, satisfying and engaging website for all of your clients.  Check out some additional WordPress photography themes in our full collection.

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Gretna Green, WordPress Theme for Wedding Planners


Gretna Green is the name of this wedding WordPress theme and it’s got an impressive array of features that make it perfect for weddings and event planning as well as traditional wedding websites. If you need to make sure that your wedding planning website looks the part as well as offering all of the features of any premium quality wedding planning website, this theme could offer a real Head start to building a fantastic website.

as you browse through the variety of pre-built templates that are included with this theme, you will notice that quite a few of them seem ideal for wedding planning businesses and services websites. There is one specific theme that I believe is the absolute best place to start, purpose-built wedding planning business site. Then again, any of the other demo styles can be easily adjusted and adapt to work perfectly for a wedding planning company.

some of the ways that you can personalize your website include inserting any of the huge library of pre-designed elements into your website. This is possible thanks to the inclusion of a pre made, powerful page builder plugin. It’s called WP Bakery Page Builder and Gretna Green comes packaged with it. WP Bakery page builder is very simple to use, even for beginners. You also get access to the premium slider revolution slider plugin. That allows you to add attractive slideshows to your website, another great way to help remove your content and your services. Gretna Green is also a full-service e-commerce template. You can collect payments online, sell items, accept online bookings all through your very own website. you’ll need to download some add-ons that are available for the WooCommerce plugin, but it’s very simple to do. The level of customization that you can achieve with this theme is unmatched.

There’s also a large number of home page layouts and a library of inner page templates. All of these can be built upon, features and layouts can be changed up the figurines and you’ll even find Andy template for posting profiles of your team members, pull out for promoting all of your services and a contact form page that is stylish and highly functional. With such a blend of features, you should have absolutely no trouble of building a very successful wedding planning business site. Every one of the templates that are included in the steam can be integrated with the social media widgets and you’ll be able to display your latest photos from Instagram, Facebook, show your Twitter feed & More. These days, staying in contact with your customers and potential customers is more important than ever and Gretna Green is certainly a theme that allows you to achieve that.  Here are some additional WooCommerce WordPress themes to pique your interest.

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Wedding Planner, WordPress Wedding Plans Theme


Wedding Planner is name of this theme and it’s a great way to help you create just about any different type of wedding related website. All of that based on the best content management system out there, WordPress. wedding planner gives you a different homepage styles in your download package and you can choose which ones to start with to create an amazing website for weddings and wedding planning businesses. Check out the demos and you can see that all of the different styles offer feature field home page layouts. These layouts can help you promote your wedding planning business and your services. These demo styles are all full with, that allows you to take advantage of all the space on the screen and include a lot of features that not every website can offer. You got plenty of spaces for widgets and things like portfolio grids, testimonials, contact forms and image sliders to help promote your business.

one of the coolest things about this particular theme, you’re not just stuck with using any one of the mo styles. In fact, you can mix and match homepage features and inert ages to create truly custom look with this off-the-shelf WordPress theme. The wedding planner theme includes the premium page builder plugin called WP Bakery Page Builder. With it, you’ll be able to open up any of the various home page templates and drag and drop your way to any sort of layout and style that you want. All of this without the need to learn how to code. WP Bakery Page Builder is incredibly intuitive and it’s completely visual. No matter what your skill level and web design, you should have absolutely no problem creating a great looking, user-friendly website to promote your services.

There are quite a number of other features that also make wedding planner a very smart choice for any wedding planning business. Among them, Google maps integration to help show people where you are in the world. there is full support for multi-language plugins and that means you can publish your content in more than one language. Perfect for those of us who live in a multi-cultural area or if you’re close to another country where they speak a different language, you won’t be locked into just marketing your services to one set of people. This theme is completely mobile friendly and responsive. That means that no matter what type of device or potential customers are visiting your site on, they will get the same great experience as folks who is it on traditional desktop devices. honestly though, the absolute best thing going for this theme is the amazing design options that you get with every download.  We’ve got more WordPress wedding themes that you’re going to love as well.

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Vivagh, WordPress Wedding Photo and Planning Theme


Thanks to a handful of different pre-made wedding photography and wedding planning demo styles, you’re sure to find a great-looking website that has all of your needs covered if you selected this theme. Of course, like all of the themes in this collection, it doesn’t just have one solution for your needs.

as I mentioned, you’re definitely not locked into any of the pre-made demos in this download package. Well these are great for getting started quickly and helping you to achieve a fine-looking website, the sheer amount of customization that is possible with this theme is limitless. You get over 150 different short codes that can be inserted into your content with just a few clicks. This allows a wide range of displays of elements in all of your posts and pages. You can display image carousels, pricing tables, call to action buttons and a whole lot more. There are even multiple header layouts to choose from. He’s different header layouts give you a sizable amount of control over the navigation of your website and how it is arranged. This can really leave to a user-friendly navigation system that can keep people finding exactly what they want. This theme also includes the powerful wpbakery page builder plugin which lets you edit any of the demo pages to suit your needs. This is a very visual interface for creating Layouts that are just like you want them to be. That’s why I think that this theme can be adapted from the standard wedding photography website into a perfect wedding planning website.

no matter which of the three different demos you choose, you can use the homepage to share your favorite work, highlight the services that you offer and showcase anything you want using sliders, parallax scrolling, different layouts and more. The way you present your content is completely up to you. This theme is purpose-built for photography and that’s why it makes such a great portfolio. It’s very important for any wedding planner to adequately display their past work and make sure that visitors to your website find exactly what they’re looking for. In these 3 pre-made demo styles, whether it’s full with or boxed layouts, you’re certainly going to find several different options that look great and help present your content just like you want it to be presented.

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Honeymoon, WordPress Wedding Planner’s Theme


Honeymoon is the name of this team and if you’re guessing that it’s all about weddings, that’s a pretty good guess. Honeymoon is the type of wordpress theme that gives you all the tools and templates, all the features and functionality that you’ll need to create your very own wedding planning website. all of that without having to learn how to code, thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive design and the fact that this theme is so highly adaptable.

if you’ve been looking for the type of WordPress theme that is trusted by thousands of people to create an absolutely stunning platform for wedding related content, you’re in luck. This theme was created by an elite developer on themeforest and so far, it has become one of the most popular and widely used wedding themes out there. It’s a very established theme and that means that the support and documentation are top-notch. This team is a little bit long in the tooth these days, it’s been around for a few years. However, the theme developer continues to update the theme and that means that it’s still just about as cutting-edge as it ever was.

Some of the features that you will come to love about honeymoon include the latest version of WP Bakery page builder, that allows you to create drag-and-drop layouts that have all the functionality that you need. using one of these starting templates and then creating custom changes thanks to WP Bakery Page builder is one of the best ways to achieve a custom look with a very low price. This theme gives you a huge selection of home page and inner page templates as well as some blog layouts to help share content with your readers. everything on the page is going to be mobile-friendly and responsive, looking great on all devices. Honeymoon also works perfectly with WooCommerce , allow you to sell products on your website. whether these are digitally downloadable products, tangible goods or services, you will have full control over your online shop. Collect payment through the gateway of your choice and keep everything very well organized using the built-in WooCommerce templates. WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce solutions for WordPress thanks to its massive library of add-ons and extensions that can create new functionality where none existed before. You can even create an online booking system, something that I think a lot of wedding planners could really benefit from.

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Plan My Day, WordPress Theme for Wedding Planners



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The Aisle, WordPress Wedding Planning and Events Theme



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The Wedding Day, WordPress Theme for Event and Wedding Planning



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