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WordPress offers many benefits as a content management system. It is flexible, adaptable and compatible with hundreds of themes and plugins. The database is searchable and it is supported by a large community. WordPress is updated regularly, the most popular content management system, with 39% of all WordPress sites, and shows no signs of slowing down.

However, for certain websites, WordPress may be a little excessive. A basic blog may require extremely minimal features, and it is not necessarily essential to use WordPress for such blogs. It is true that even beginners can install and use WordPress, and many people here will be tempted by WordPress’ 5-minute installation. But at some point you will feel that some technical expertise may assist you with WordPress. You can modify WordPress a lot, but you need some code or a little expert assistance to accomplish it.

Not the only CMS out there is WordPress. Many more begin to create a distinction on this scene and some of them have been there for a few of years already.

An online website builder is an alternative to conventional content management systems. For modest tasks this may work very effectively. Since everything is online, access is possible from anywhere and a team may work on it concurrently.

What works for a builder of an on-line website is that you don’t have to buy or install software locally. The CMS is situated on the CMS server and may be accessed by a user using any web browser. Since the same service provider provides CMS and hosting, there is no conflict. In addition, numerous free and comprehensive programs are available.

You will have to download the program and install it on your computer using offline builders. In this scenario, you will not be disconnected from your website and will not depend fully on your provider.

The benefit of these website builders is that they are neatly separated in design and content, therefore allowing the design of the website to be changed without impacting the content. This distinction also makes it simpler to find a search engine on the page.

There are numerous alternatives to WordPress, but remember that it is not a single-size scenario. Each of these options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and some may be more appropriate for a certain website type than others. Many of these options are less flexible or configurable than WordPress. But some do-it-yourself method is more simpler to utilize and does not need expert assistance. They also provide excellent customer assistance.

Then look at WordPress alternatives. If you want to be hands-on, but do not want to utilize code at the same time, read more to find out which CMS you should choose.

Developers wanting to use code or to use the special functions provided by specific CMS may also choose CMS.


Squarespace Build a Website With This Powerful Website Builder
Squarespace Build a Website With This Powerful Website Builder

A customer gets a website builder, a blogging platform and a hosting service with SquareSpace. You would have to choose a template and to some degree you may modify it. The templates are contemporary and more than one template may be used on a website. Open source is not SquareSpace.

The SquareSpace design templates are attractive and suitable on mobile devices. Load speeds are quick since SquareSpace utilizes Content Delivery Network across several regions to accommodate content. SquareSpace has been completely integrated with eCommerce by the developers and you can build up an online shop fast using SquareSpace. You receive the free custom subdomain with certain packages and the higher expensive packages with the custom domain.

SquareSpace is a subscription service starting at $5 a month. You may also choose a 14 day trial free of charge.

SquareSpace is excellent for portfolio sites, restaurants or wedding venues, which need stunning images. Although SquareSpace offers minimal customisation, it may be irritating if the functionality you want is not available. Unlike WordPress, you can’t alter its fundamental features, while you can change pretty much everything.

SquareSpace is allows you to create a good-looking website yourself, without putting it in too many hours or debugging the technology behind it. In addition, all changes are thoroughly tested and immediately uploaded to your site, so you have nothing to do with maintenance. Recently we have developed and you may see a comprehensive list of excellent websites utilizing SquareSpace.


The Leader in Website Creation Create Your Free Website Wix
The Leader in Website Creation Create Your Free Website Wix

In combination with a hosting platform Wix provides free CMS. It is not a source of opensource. With Wix you may choose from a template of 500 and personalize your website a little. You can watch your website being graphically created by dragging and dropping Wix components. Wix is used by more than 77 million websites.

Wix receives regular and frequent upgrades to stay pace with the current trends. More than 200 applications may be added to your functionality. Wix is shop-friendly and with premium packages you may have a personalized domain name. Packages start at $122 a month (seen Wix advertising) and go as high as $485 a month.

While Wix is excellent at starting a website, you’re not gaining ownership of it, as Wix does hosting. You may also discover that modification choices are restricted and third-party plugins cannot be installed if it is to be customized as you go ahead. Wix continually adds to its own extensions, and you will find them completely compatible since they originate from the same developer. Updates are automatically made using Wix, therefore no maintenance work has to be performed.


The TYPO3 Project and Community – Open Source CMS
The TYPO3 Project and Community – Open Source CMS

TYPO3 is another CMS used with big companies and businesses. It is free, open source and without utilizing code you may operate any type of website using TYPO. It may also be expanded to include many functions without coding by utilizing the 6000 extensions that are publicly accessible.

Editors enjoy CMS, as it has an integrated image processing, copy-paste function, creation of thumbnails and a variety of word and media components at its front end. It is extremely scalable, multilingual and supports the administration of workflows.

You may manage and distribute content on numerous websites from the backend of a single installation. TYPO is thus ideal for websites, microsites and product sites.


Weebly WordPress Alternative for Building Online Shops
Weebly WordPress Alternative for Building Online Shops

Weebly should be your choice if you wish to start blogging in a modest manner. It is an excellent option if you have just one goal in your site, like a portfolio. But if it is a huge problem to customize or add to your subscriber list, avoid that.

You may choose your topic from the Theme Gallery and construct your website by dragging and dropping pictures and text. You may access the design codes only if you wish to change your website here and there. Launch an e-commerce shop that manages shipping and taxes, discounts and coupons. You may build and update your website from any mobile device, to keep in contact with your consumers. Hosting is free and Weebly has more than 30 million users.

Weebly also provides a free alternative for students or hobbyists. But for any other kind of usage you have to pay at $8 per month, $12 per month for Pro and $25 per month for Business. All options include with a free domain for one year. You get a personalized subdomain with the free option.


Ghost Content Management System Turn your audience into a business
Ghost Content Management System Turn your audience into a business

Ghost is beginning to accomplish what WordPress wants to achieve in the beginning- just being a blogging platform. It’s not a full CMS and only an amazing blogging solution. You can best fit full-scale journals and individual blogs. Ghost uses about 16,677 active websites.

Ghost is significantly quicker than WordPress since Node.js is used. But this may also be a disadvantage, because Node.js is not accessible with many web hosting services and thus restricts your hosting choices. The user interface enables you to write free distraction, without any menus or settings. The creators divide the editor and modify text on the left and visually on the right. This allows you to see and format your work while writing. The Markdown syntax is used in the text editor, so you don’t have to bother with HTML. It allows multi-user use and you can control your workflow as well.

Ghost provides a free version that may be downloaded and installed. You get access to source code and assistance for the community. Packages with additional features vary from $8 a month to $200 a month. The premium packages may also be tried for 14 days free.


Drupal Open Source CMS
Drupal Open Source CMS

With over 100,000 users, Drupal is behind WordPress the most popular CMS. Larger businesses with access to technical expert resources mostly utilize Drupal.

Drupal can be loaded quickly, open source and very scalable. It is confident, highly secure and easy to upload and maintain information. The presentation may be modified with topics and other features.

Drupal is free, but you have your own host to find. You may manage many sites with a single installation. It’s multi-language.

Drupal is a big CMS, however it is considerably more technical than WordPress and beginners should certainly not try to create a Drupal site. It is excellent software to construct a website that looks beautiful with sophisticated features, but requires technological skill to setup and manage.


Joomla Content Management System CMS
Joomla Content Management System CMS

Joomla is another option and it’s really pretty similar to WordPress and Drupal, when you get right down to it. It offers many of Drupal’s benefits, without being overly technical. Personally, I find it easier to use than Drupal, but your mileage may vary.

Joomla is multilingual, expandable and enables modification at the front end. It has more than 50 million downloads. It is ideal for high content sites and sites that require efficient content management.

Joomla is open source and free. It may be utilized for any kind of website – a tiny shop or a big government website. Sophisticated content and advanced search categorisation is available. User administration, user groups and contact management are functions that even WordPress is best suited for. Some features include Joomla, while you need to install a WordPress plugin to obtain the same capability. But you’ll have to pay for the majority of Joomla’s themes and plugins.

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