WordPress Themes for Artists for 2020

If you’re an artist, surely you know the power the great online portfolio can have. Artists who care about visual presentation need a very specialized theme, one that does everything that it can to help promote your artwork and convey a message. You need a website that presents your portfolio in a stylish way that doesn’t detract from your own creativity. A great WordPress portfolio theme for artists strikes the perfect balance between customization features and functionality, style and performance. this will allow you to create a website that is perfectly designed to complement everything that you have created.

But it can be challenged locating such a WordPress theme, there are thousands to choose from and not all of them have the right features or functionality to frame your work the right way. we have sorted through thousands of different themes and come up with a list of the absolute best WordPress artist portfolio themes. If you see a theme in this collection, you’ll know that it is a very high-quality evening with great documentation and support, tons of customization options and the ability to showcase your hard work the right

Divi, Premium WordPress Artists Portfolio Theme


Divi is one of the best WordPress themes around.  Period.  Honestly, I could just end the review right there. If you’ve been around WordPress for more than a day or two, you’ll know Divi by name. This is elegant themes flagship WordPress theme and it is so incredibly powerful, flexible and dynamic, it’s absolutely worth consideration for any artist who wants to put together a fabulous online portfolio. The Divi WordPress theme is so flexible thanks in large part to the Divi page builder, one of the most powerful drag-and-drop page builder plugins around. With Divi, there’s absolutely nothing that you can’t achieve. Framing your work in any way you want it is quite simple to do. You can drag-and-drop elements where you want them, optimize and a customized styles, colors and fonts, add new content areas and make sure that everything perfectly fits with your brand.

Using a WordPress theme like Divi may sound a bit complicated at first, but this is a very user-friendly theme that I think is well worth considering for any artist who wants the best possible portfolio. It doesn’t really matter what type of work you create, this WordPress theme does the hard work of presenting your content properly and thanks to its responsive design, your hard work will look great on all devices. This is simply put one of the best WordPress artists portfolios themes around.

Kalium, WordPress Artist’s Portfolio Theme


Kalium is another premium-quality WordPress theme that gives you a ton of flexibility. building an artistic portfolio shouldn’t take forever and a day and with Kalium, you get several different pre-made demo styles to give you a huge Head start. no matter what type of art you have created, Kalium does a wonderful job of framing it and presenting it in a stylish and interesting way. This theme is incredibly flexible, thanks to its full support for all of the most popular drag-and-drop page builders. It comes with one of the absolute best, WP Bakery page builder. Wpbakery page builder has dozens and dozens of different content modules that can be dragged and dropped anywhere you want them on the page.

Customizing your website is a snap, everything is done visually so you don’t need to be an expert with WordPress to take advantage of this page builder plugin. Kalium totally supports WooCommerce, that allows you to set up a stylish online shop to sell products or digitally downloadable files. Any artist who wants a high level of flexibility and several different options for starting points could you well by purchasing the Kalium WordPress theme.

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Amedeo, WordPress Artist Portfolio Theme


This Amedeo theme is an absolute masterpiece. It’s a creative artists dream come true. This is a multi-concept theme that was built for creative agencies and artists all like. with this theme, you get a remarkable collection of amazing layouts. Creating a compelling story line to present your work, that’s what this theme is all about. It’s ideal for creative studios and any sort of artist who wants over 20 different portfolio layouts to showcase your work the right way. if you’re looking for an intuitive theme that has a powerful set of short codes, this one is a great choice. For artists and designers, agencies and digital shops, you’ve got a lot to think about.

It’s true, some themes have a style that is just a little bit better than others. Personally, I find this particular designed to be one of the best. You got one click demos that you can import, multiple layouts for image galleries and landing pages, woocommerce support for building an online art shop and More. I think the color palette right out of the box is nice, it’s got distinct pastel color palette with trendy green highlights. Of course, it’s not just about looks. this is a theme that has enough functionality to keep anyone happy.

Looking for more themes that support WooCommerce? Check out our full WooCommerce WordPress themes collection. It’s a great resource for finding all the best themes for building online shop.

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A.R.T. WordPress Theme for Artist’s Portfolios


Many artists rightfully believe that their artwork should be the one to do the talking, not the theme. I happen to agree and if you want a very minimalist style theme that let’s your artwork take Center stage, this theme is a great choice. Every single one of the included demo designs is clean, modern and minimalist. Most of the demo pages include image galleries that take up most of the prime real estate, using plenty of white space to draw your eye where you want to be wrong.

Of course, there’s a lot more than just minimalist style going on here. This theme includes a powerful drag-and-drop page builder with several different pre-made galleries. There are loads of options that you can customize your website with, including color and typography. If you want a simple-looking website that has powerful features, this theme is a really nice blend and might be the theme for you.

Check out this collection for more minimalist WordPress themes.  I really clean presentation can be a great way to attract attention for your content. I think that grouping of themes offers a lot of different options for getting your website up and running quickly and presenting your content in an interesting way.

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Bolge, WordPress Artist Portfolio Theme

A large part of any artists online success can be due in part to a great-looking website. You want something that sets you apart from your competition and presents your art the right way. This theme does all of that and more. It’s true, not many creative agencies how boring websites. That’s no coincidence. making the right first impression to wow your visitors, that can be achieved through selecting a proper creative, artistic a theme. This is one such theme, it allows you to create a stylish creative agency homepage with any of the nearly 20 different unique homepage designs.

There are also over two dozen portfolio layouts and although each and every one of them is completely unique, they share the same beautiful, soft color palette. The typography is equal to the task and you’ll have several different places to create call to action sections. if you like drag-and-drop page builders, you’re in luck. This one comes bundled with WP Bakery Page builder and that means you can customize every page and every post within minutes. You can even cobble together different aspects of your favorite Mo styles to create something completely new. This is a really flexible theme that is fast living and highly legible for everyone who visits your site.

You may also want to have a look at our full collection of WordPress portfolio themes. We’ve assembled a large amount of the best portfolio themes around and hopefully in that collection, you’ll find plenty of different options to build a very successful portfolio for your creative work.

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With all of the different WordPress themes out there for building an artistic portfolio, you’ll see a lot that are very much related. portfolio themes that are meant to appeal to a very small number of people with very specific needs. Of course, those little quirky and unique themes might be great for some agencies or freelance artists, they’re not going to be right for everyone. blaze is WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for a wide range of uses. This is a general-purpose artistic portfolio theme that I feel is a perfect fit for a lot of different categories of art.

First of all, you get over a dozen different demo layouts, each of them with a clean, minimal style. This is a black and white look that I feel is perfect for more formal creativity. Of course, everything in the theme can be adjusted to fit your needs using the built-in admin panel and wpbakery Page builder is included for deeper design changes. each and every one of the demo layouts can be installed with just a single click and each one is completely customizable.

thanks to the clean lines, the black and white style and ample use of white space, you are images are going to look very prominent on the page. That makes this a great portfolio theme for any sort of creative endeavor. These of typography is bold and clear, I think that just about any type of art is going to benefit from this theme. Give them the flexibility and full support for a wide array of plugins, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with the Blaze WordPress theme.

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Leedo, WordPress Artist Portfolio Theme


This is a very contemporary WordPress theme with a staggering amount of flexibility and functionality. If you want a very modern, creative and colorful artistic portfolio theme, this is an absolutely fabulous place to start. One of the highest rated themes in this collection, Leedo is perfect for artists, product developers, creative agencies, designers and more. Anyone who needs stunning portfolio that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for pure style, is going to have slowly adore this theme.   Of course, if you do love style, it’s pretty nice too!

Leedo perfectly balances the needs of you, the artist as well as every visitor to your website. It presents your content in a highly functional and attractive way and Leedo make sure to make everything very accessible. No matter what device your visitors arrive on, you are going to present your content in a spectacular way. Leedo is a WooCommerce ready theme with a spectacular, responsive layout and a clean, colorful design that I think will appeal to a huge audience.

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Red Art


Perfect for all sorts of portfolios, whether it’s personal artistic portfolios or small agency portfolios, red art he’s a gorgeous, finely crafted WordPress theme with all the features that you need to perfectly present your content. You get a responsive design, multiple blog layouts, effective timeline display and a unique full screen slider. that full screen slider is a really nice way to present large images they’re very impactful. You can get a lot of information across in a very short. Of time thanks to the clear-cut layout and the ample use of white space.

If you want a WordPress theme that is a great blend of functionality and style, modern features with classic artistic sensibilities, they WooCommerce ready theme so you can set up an online shop and you want the ultimate in flexible customization options, read art is a wonderful choice. considering how versatile this theme is, I think that it has the style and functionality to work for just about any sort of art. On top of all of that, you will get access to the powerful page builder call the wpbakery page builder. this allows you to really expand the functionality of your website with drag-and-drop page building fun. This is an all-around theme that I think is one of the highest rated I’ve ever seen.

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Skylab, WordPress Photo Artist Portfolio Theme


The Skylab WordPress theme is a photography portfolio that has an innovative touch screen navigation system, hardware-accelerated sliders and it presents all types of artistic portfolios in the right light. It may seem like that type of innovative technology is unnecessary in a purely artistic world like an online portfolio, but it can really make a big difference to these are experienced that you deliver.

This Skylab theme is great for showcasing design and photography projects, it has multiple page templates that can accommodate a wide variety of different image galleries. Each of those image galleries can hold as many images as you want to put in them. This is a fast loading theme, it’s completely responsive and as a lightweight build. For artists who want a flexible but technologically savvy WordPress theme, this Skylab template is a really wonderful combination of features.

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Smiltė, WordPress Artist Portfolio Theme


This WordPress theme goes out of its way to present your content in a really unique way. it’s true that many themes have quite similar designs and styles, it can be a bit of a challenge to find one that really does deliver on a unique look and feel for your site. These days, trends or what they are and flat themes are in right now. This particular theme takes that flat style and adds a few design touches of its own to create something completely different and unique.

Right after you install this theme, you can select from one of the dozens of different portfolio designs. Each of them can be set up with just a handful of clicks. Every design included in this theme is completely unique. However, they all share a single common thread, beautiful and stylish use of color. The color palette here is generally pastel, though the design default can be changed up to suit your needs. With this theme, you got WPBakery Page Builder, arguably the most powerful page building plug-in out there. This allows you to create custom designs that fit with what your website is all about. You also get advanced slider, allowing visitors with prominent placement of your best or most recent work. If you want a colorful, feature field theme that is and powerful, this theme should certainly be on your list of potential purchases.

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Werkstatt, Artist Portfolio WordPress Theme


The vast majority of artistic portfolio themes that you find online try to blend images with text, making sure that neither overwhelms the other. That’s certainly not the case with this bold, grid artistic portfolio theme. It’s all about the visuals. honestly, the front page has nearly no text at all. Other than the logo in the upper left corner, all you get to look at is beautiful, bold and interesting images. this thing might not be perfect for everyone, but if you have a need for highly visual presentation for your content, it could be the right choice.

However, many people will find that the blind link nature of these image blocks is not a good user experience. For some users, that’s not going to be an issue. For others, you’re going to want a theme that at least gives a little bit of a hint as to what continent lies ahead. Of course, if you choose the right images, you can have the best of both worlds. I unique portfolio that gets the message across did you leave, rather than relying on the written word.

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Stockholm, WordPress Artist’s Portfolio Theme


It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that a WordPress theme named after Stockholm, Sweden would have such a clean, minimalist style. It’s got a bit of a mid-century modern feel to it and I think that it makes for a wonderful presentation of any type of creative work. Artists who want to showcase their work with a lot of white space, focusing all the attention on the creativity, or going to love Stockholm.

There are a bountiful number of pre-made demo sites that are included with your download package. This best selling theme offers 40 of them. Not all of them are right for artistic portfolios, but quite a number of them are. Every demo is compatible with WooCommerce and WP Bakery Page Builder is included for deeper control over the look and the features of your website.

Making the right first impression is always important and thanks to a prominently placed slider, you can highlight your most important work, or your most recent artistic creations, at the top of any post or page. this allows you to make the most of the real estate that you have to offer, giving your readers a very interesting presentation for your work.

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Uncode, WordPress Artist Portfolio Theme


Uncode is a highly recommended, extremely popular WordPress theme for artists. When he said about creating a portfolio, flexibility is among the most important aspects. Uncode is highly flexible. This highly rated WordPress theme has dozens of different demo styles that are built to impress. Making the right first impression is critical to winning over new business and with the beautiful sliders that you have at your fingertips, you can present your most important and your best work right up front. uncovered is a perfect blend of image and text, the typography clearly outlines the topic of conversation and helps keep navigation very clear and straightforward.

Uncode includes WP Bakery page builder, a drag and drop plug-in that is tailor made to help you create a layout that you need, offering no options that you don’t. This Uncode theme is built to appeal to all sorts of creatives, artists who want a beautiful presentation, photographers, designers and even small agencies.  That can really help with your user experience. Delivering a fast loading, great looking website that has all the information necessary and nothing that is extraneous can really help keep people around and keep them looking for more. if you got a wide variety of great-looking images, this is the type of flexible theme that can do its best to make your content look fantastic.

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Weston, Artist Portfolio WordPress Theme


Weston is the name of this multi-purpose artistic or art portfolio theme. It has a wide variety of plugins that can help enhance your sights design and features. Weston focuses on Minimalist creativity. That’s something that a lot of artists love and speaking of love, I think you’ll find several different designs to love in the dozen demo concepts that are provided. You get clear, easy to read typography, plenty of white space and everything is understated. This is a great thing, it places all of the focus on your content, your artwork or your projects. That’s precisely the way it should be one creating a portfolio. some of the design features are built to enhance the user experience, slider revolution being chief among them.

Now, on to the portfolio style. You get two different options, a beautiful masonry layout and a 4 column design. This is one aspect that I think comes up a bit short with the Westin theme. Many of the themes in this collection offer you dozens of different portfolio styles. This, it just has the two. Of course, if what you want is a masonry layout, you’re in luck. Anyway, this minimalist theme has a lot of design style and a high amount of overall functionality, great for minimalist artists who want a homepage that has absolutely no distractions to be found.

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