WordPress Themes for Online Shops

When you’re looking for the right tools to set up a great-looking online shop, WooCommerce and WordPress are the perfect combination. With a free copy of WordPress and the free, user-friendly shopping cart plug-in WooCommerce, you’ve got the two most important aspects covered. Now, all you need is a great WooCommerce WordPress theme. This collection is a great place to find some of the absolute best.

Every one of the themes that we have included in this collection is completely responsive, easy to install and quite simple to adapt to any Mead. No matter what type of product you are selling, even services or digital downloads, you’re going to find quite a number of different options available to fit exactly the style and features you’re looking to offer.

Many of the themes here also offer page building tools to give you complete control over your website’s design. That means you can start with a pre-made style and then add custom functionality depending on what you want to offer. It’s all very simple to do and it produces a really outstanding result. So, no matter what you’re selling and who your target audience, hopefully this collection of WooCommerce themes will have quite a number of options for you to take a look at.


Divi, WooCommerce WordPress Page Builder
The premier WordPress theme? Of course it supports WooCommerce! Hundreds of premade designs make Divi incredibly flexible.

Divi is more than a simple WooCommerce ready WordPress theme, it’s an entire page builder tool that gives you loads of different options for creating any type of layout. In fact, there’s a provided library of pre-built layouts, giving you a hundreds of different starting points for home pages and inner pages, including your WooCommerce shopping pages. There are tons of different design options thanks to Divi’s drag-and-drop page building, and the entire Divi page builder is a very user-friendly way to craft any type of website you want.

Hundreds of different premade designs are included with the Divi page builder. Any of these premade styles can be imported with just a few clicks and you can be off the ground, selling products or services within just a few minutes. It’s powerful, highly adaptable theme that has remained cutting edge since it was originally released. And with one of the largest communities available for supplying support and new designs, you’ll never run out of interesting ways to perfect your website.

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Woostroid WooCommerce WordPress Theme
Available exclusively on Template Monster, Woostroid has a lot of features and a stable workflow for crafting any kind of online shop.

Woostroid is a powerful WooCommerce theme that is powered by the Elementor page builder. This is one of the top eCommerce themes out there and it gives you plenty of options.  With Elementor and Woostroid, you could have every sort of feature and all the functionality necessary to make your shop really stand out. There are multiple different pre-made skins that can give you your new website a clean, custom look at a fraction of the price of a true custom made WordPress website. On top of that, the theme customization process is very straightforward and beginner-friendly. If you need us fantastic WooCommerce powered shop, this theme can really do wonders to help make your products look amazing.

This is one of the top e-commerce WordPress themes available on the Template Monster platform. It provides plenty of premade designs, outstanding support and documentation and it’s really user-friendly at the same time. I have personally used WordPress themes from Template Monster in the past and  there strong efforts to provide a user-friendly platform has not gone unnoticed. So, if you’re looking for the ideal WooCommerce powered WordPress theme, this one should be one to consider.

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Monstroid 2 – Belle Boutique

Belle Boutique is an elegant, clean WordPress theme for online shops

Monstroid 2 is a multi-purpose, modular WordPress theme that is powered by the Elementor page builder. Elementor gives you drag-and-drop capabilities that make for a really flexible and user-friendly website. Delivering an outstanding user experience is going to be completely straightforward, given this powerful and Andy page building tool. No matter whether you’re a beginner and expert, the Elementor page builder is quite simple to use and it makes it really easy to get the most out of your online shop.  Monstroid is also among the fastest loading WordPress themes available today, which always helps with SEO.

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Clima is a strong option for building online shops

Clima is a responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme with an incredibly powerful theme framework that makes it great for any type of store. The demo shown is for a cosmetics or skincare products store, but there are multiple different pre-made styles available. These pre-made designs can work for just about any type of product. This is theme offers clean navigation, a powerful drag-and-drop page builder, one click installation and lots of handy features to help set your products apart.  With so much competition out there, that’s critical.

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Alceste WooCommerce theme with unique design
Alceste is the type of clean, modern WordPress theme a lot of people are looking for to help build a really successful website aimed at a younger audience.

Alceste is a clean, fresh and modern WooCommerce powered WordPress theme with 10 different home page layouts to give you a lot of different things to think about.  And by using the provided page building tool, you’ll have unlimited control over your website design to create more amazing styles. If you’re creating a clothing boutique, this stylish and trendy looking template can be a really great place to start. Building your online business is made a bit easier with all of the tools that are provided by this template. All of that a very reasonable price, which is probably why this Alceste theme has been quite popular since it was originally released.

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5th Avenue

5th classy, practical WooCommerce WordPress theme Avenue,

5th Avenue is a classy, well-designed and feature filled WordPress theme that’s ready for any type of online shop. This 5th Avenue theme has everything that you need to sell products and services online, plus a whole bunch of tools that are included to help make your job as a webmaster a lot easier. It’s all about saving time.  This is a high-performance theme that has a really stylish design that plainly and clearly presents your products. That can help to make everything you sell more alluring and more appealing to a wide audience. No matter what type of design you are looking to achieve, no matter who you’re marketing to, this powerful and adaptable theme can really help maximize your efforts.

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Diamond is a responsive eCommerce theme that utilizes the free WooCommerce shopping cart plugin to give you full control over any type of online shop. Basically built for jewelry stores, cosmetics and fashion-related products, it’s really adaptable enough to use for any purpose. This completely responsive theme has clear navigation, mega menu support, multiple different tools to make your products and services look fantastic and it’s all quite user-friendly and easy to adapt. No matter what your Target demographic, this theme can develop a really appealing store to sell anything to anyone.

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Flatsome, Clean, Corporate Style eCommerce Theme
Flatsome is one of the best-selling WordPress themes on market and it present you a lot of ways to sell products. Highly rated and constantly being updated, this theme is flat out awesome.

Flatsome is the type of WooCommerce WordPress theme that works for just about any type of product or service. This theme boasts of an incredibly clean and flat design that is pretty understated, it’s got a clean and modern, almost corporate style to it. thanks to the included page builder, you’ll have a lot of different ways to set up your posts and pages so they look great. Also, there’s a wide range of theme options that can be adjusted to fit your needs. This is also one of the fastest loading WordPress templates available and all of that helps to make your products look their best.  

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Box Shop

BoxShop, Feature Filled WooCommerce/eCommerce Theme

BoxShop is a responsive WooCommerce theme for WordPress. Building an online shop is much easier than it used to be in the past and with a theme like this one, you’ll be able to get your website established quickly and easily. There are several different pre-built home pages that help to organize play the number of products on the front page. For some, the design may be a bit too busy, but if you’ve got a lot of things to sell, it can really highlight quite a wide range of products in one place. This is among the highest rated and most popular WooCommerce themes available today.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic, WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Massive Dynamic is a WordPress website builder, it’s more than just a simple WordPress theme. Massive Dynamic incorporates a multitude of powerful plugins, fast page load times and a visual page builder that gives you lots of flexibility. Over 70 different pre-made demos are included in each one of them works perfectly with WooCommerce to allow for setting up a modern and slick looking online shop.  Massive Dynamic also works great for presenting video.  Want to see more multipurpose video themesCheck these out.

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Storehouse clean, well organized online shop theme.

Storehouse is a conversion oriented WooCommerce WordPress theme with contemporary features, modern style and a clean, almost minimalist design. This theme can really help to organize all of your products and keep them looking fantastic. A theme like this one is great for helping to build your brand because the distraction free design makes for incredibly stylish presentation of any type of product. You can see some additional minimal style WordPress themes in this collection.

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Oshine is a creative multi-purpose WooCommerce powered WordPress theme that’s one of the most popular e-commerce solutions out there. It’s got a contemporary and cutting-edge style, infinitely out possibilities, over 50 different demos with hundreds of pre-built inner pages. These give you plenty of ways to get your website established and each of them can be customized to perfectly fit with your websites needs. if you’re looking for a cutting-edge theme, the provided page builder can help you achieve anything you want with over 50 different styling modules that can be adopted and adjusted in real time.

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Petal is a WooCommerce powered portfolio theme that has a simple, sleek design and loads of powerful features. developing a polished website is going to be easier than ever with this template. You get a powerful drag-and-drop page builder from WP Bakery, your header and footer designs are completely under your control and there are 10 different pre-built templates to help get you started quickly. You can even build your own mega Man you set up thanks to the provided tools. Revolution slider and smart. Calories are also included and no matter what size screen your visitors are using, the adaptive image resolution feature make sure everybody gets the same great user experience.

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Slikk is a stylish WooCommerce theme for men’s and women’s fashion, though it can be adapted for just about any type of product. Widget friendly WordPress theme uses the WP Bakery Page Builder to create a badass looking website for any sort of online store. With it, you’ll be able to create a style of e-commerce website and you can use the pre-filled inner pages to have your site up and running quickly. This fully responsive theme provides a lookbook feature, extended shopping features like product quick view and user wishlist and it’s all very high performance, helping your products to look their best and helping your SEO efforts as well.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a modern, material design theme with a one page layout that’s perfect for any type of business or online shop. Thanks to full support for WooCommerce, you can sell products or services and the inclusion of the Elementor page builder adapter layout anyway you want to. Of course, all of the most popular page builders are fully supported oh, you don’t need to lock yourself into Elementor, even though it’s one of the best. But, if you’re more familiar with Visual Composer, Site Origin or the Divi page builder, you may want to go in that direction instead.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 is a modern, clean and professional WooCommerce and e-commerce WordPress theme. It’s got clean code, it’s been fully optimized from the ground up for fast page load times and the supporting documentation are also quite helpful. If you want to get you or website off the ground immediately, the pre-made designs are a really outstanding option. He’s fast living preset designs are all responsive, rates translate into any language and they give you a lot of control over the look and style of your site. If you’re looking for an overly complicated shopping experience, this one probably doesn’t have the style you are looking for. It’s quite bare Bones, almost minimalist in style, but that can be perfect for a lot of different products.

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Norway is a clean and responsive lifestyle, travel blog and magazine template. thanks to full WooCommerce support, you’ll be able to set up an online shop to sell products or services as well. The code and design quality are impressive, you get super fast page load times, simple customization using the built-in WordPress customizer and there are multiple color combinations and layouts provided. With complete 100% responsiveness, this theme looks fantastic on all device sizes.

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Merino is a modern WooCommerce shopping theme for online fashion stores. If you’d like a modern and user-friendly shopping experience, this theme gives you lots of different ways to create a site quickly and easily. 40 feature-rich and powerful e-commerce website, this theme provides for different home pages to create a classic online shop, a fashion store, a modern clothing shop and minimalist designed WooCommerce shop. every page, every module and every feature of the Merino theme has been handcrafted with a meticulous attention to detail. This is theme really does make any type of product look fantastic.

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Kleanity is a minimalist WordPress theme and a creative portfolio combination. With a very high rating and a large user base, this theme takes advantage of the good layers page builder to give you an infinite range of possibilities for homepage and enter page layout. Any feature you want can be placed anywhere you want to place it. These high-quality home pages are great starting points, but you can craft your own if you choose. there are 19 different header styles, a one click demo import, powerful admin panel for customization and the support and documentation provided by the developer, GoodLayers, is outstanding.

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Fortun is a multi-concept WordPress theme with dozens of pre-made on pages that are great for online shops, creative businesses, portfolios and more. any of these pre-made design concepts work great with WooCommerce to allow for a simple, quick and painless build out of your online shop. The clean and professional design is going to make all of your products or services look outstanding. Thanks to the provided page builder, you’ll have a lot of control over your website design.  If you need to integrate a portfolio and blog into your website, you’re really going to love Fortun, because it brings a ton of different options to the table.

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Eurotas is a premium WordPress shopping theme that’s one of the best and most exciting new themes to come along in the last few months. It’s got a really engaging style that it’s going to make your online shop look like you spent a lot of money for a custom design, even though it’s a reasonably priced WordPress theme. This template gives you lots of very professional tools that help to make your online shop the best it can be. there’s a newsletter pop-up plugin included, multiple different Ajax features for interesting presentation of products, multiple blog layouts and two sample background images are also included. This well-documented theme is also well supported, something that beginning WordPress users might find quite handy.

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The Qrack theme is a responsive WooCommerce theme that gives you unlimited layout options, unlimited skins and an overall clean and professional design. It’s got lots of different features that any online store can make great use of. There’s a real level of adjustability in this theme, you can adapt it for nearly any purpose and with the WP Bakery Page Builder, you’ll have a simple and easy way to construct new layouts. Of course, the pre-made designs do get the job done quite well and since they are totally responsive, you can have your shop up and running quickly and have it look great on all devices, something that is becoming more and more important as time goes by.

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PinkMart is an Ajax powered WooCommerce WordPress theme. With over 27 different demos and more coming online all the time, you have a lot of different inspirational books to get you started. Each of these pre-made designs is totally flexible and adaptable, you can pick and choose the bits you like and adjust the things that aren’t quite living up to your expectations. In terms of WooCommerce specific features, this one offers a lot of stuff that could be quite helpful. There’s an extensive cart function, and instant free shipping threshold calculator, product deals with a countdown clock and more. If you’re looking to build an online shop using a right-to-left language, PinkMart fully supports translation into any language.

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Ekommart is an all-in-one WooCommerce and e-commerce WordPress theme. With over 23 different home page designs pre-built and ready to go right out of the box, this outstanding template gives you a lot of ways to plan your new website. Making your products look especially attractive is going to be a breeze, thanks to the clean and professional design this theme brings to the table. If you want to set up a multi-vendor marketplace website, this theme works wonders. Use your favorite multi-vendor plugin and let your visitors sell their products on your website. It’s a really neat way to expand your audience and to make sure everyone finds exactly what they’re looking for.

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Kapee is a multi-purpose WooCommerce theme with an engaging design, lots of features and it’s incredibly simple to use, even if you’re a beginner with WordPress. With a very high rating, loads of features, multi-vendor marketplace support and 10 different beautiful, pre-made designs, this theme has a lot going for it. there are several different Ajax WooCommerce features included to help make your visitors shopping experience simpler than ever. these Ajax powered features also give you a lot of ways to help showcase the products you’re selling on your website. if you want a fast, user-friendly and highly adoptable template, this one is definitely worth a try.

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Urna is all-in-one WooCommerce WordPress theme with a high rating, header and footer builder, full support for all of your favorite multi-vendor marketplace plugins, over $200 worth of premium Page builder and slider plugins, fully optimized mobile layouts and 23 different homepage styles that give your products real chance to shine. Whether you have just a handful of products or thousands of different products in a wide range of categories, this flexible and adaptable theme helps keep everything incredibly well organized so everyone finds exactly what they’re looking for.

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Hongo is a modern and multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress a theme that’s fast, flexible and incredibly user-friendly. Creating a WooCommerce store online shouldn’t be a challenge with the theme this powerful and user-friendly. It’s completely responsive, crafted and built with all the most popular tools to help make your own WooCommerce shop the best I can be. There are over ten different online shop demos, 200 different customizable aliments, a template library of over 250 different pre-made inner pages and shop pages that can be used anyway. No matter what you’re selling, this unique themed delivers an impressive presentation for any type of product.

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Rey is one of the most unique WooCommerce themes in this collection. It’s got a really fun style, highly modern but it’s totally adaptable so you can change the style if you need to. There are quite a number of pre-made demo styles included, each named after a different city. So, London and Valencia have slightly different styles, Amsterdam and Tokyo, Beijing and Melbourne, Paris and New York, Monaco and Frankfort, you get the idea. Each one sort of has style reminiscent of the city it’s named for. No matter which of these pre-made designs you choose, you’re going to get a really great platform for presenting any type of product.  Rey is the King of WooCommerce!

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Fey, Clean, Profe him himssional and Attractive Online Shop Theme

Ubit is a fashion store WooCommerce theme with multi-purpose designs, plenty of different pre-made setups, full Elementor, Beaver builder, SiteOrigin, Thrive Architect and Divi page builder support, and it’s a super fast loading theme as well. This highly optimized template delivers a clean, modern design that is totally responsive. It’s super simple to install and super simple to customize, thanks to the one click demo import and the powerful theme options panel that are provided. This is a lightweight theme, thanks to the construction using the Elementor page builder. This is one of the best eCommerce site quickly and efficiently, even if you’re not much of an expert with WordPress.

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Dukanen, eCommerce WooCommerce Theme

Dukaken is a multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme with several pre-made styles and designs that are great for furniture, fashion, shoes, watches, sporting goods and a children’s products, just to name a few. There are quite a number of unique demos provided, 13 and total. these showcase how this theme could work for a wide variety of products. How you use it is completely up to you, it’s flexible enough to work for just about any purpose. There are 11 different headers provided, a different footer styles and the powerful page builder by WP Bakery allows for total lamp control. No matter what future you want on any page, it’s going to be quite simple to make it happen.

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Fey, Well Designed WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Fey is a modern e-commerce WordPress theme that has an engaging design, elegant shopping cart setups, powerful tools for organizing and promoting your products and it’s quite simple to use. If you need to customize your website, the powerful admin panel makes it possible to do so from 1 centralized location. And everything that you see on any page can be adjusted and adapted anyway you need it to be adjusted. WP Bakery Page Builder is included to give you I really smart way to craft any type of layout you want.

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Favita, WordPress WooCommerce Theme
Favita is a clean, attractive and modern theme for online shops powered by WooCommerce and WordPress. 7 predesigned shops are included to help get you started.

Favita is a fashion WooCommerce WordPress theme with an elegant design, seven different pre-made homepages and a variety of product layouts to. Creating a modern blog can definitely help expand your audience and this theme as a really beautiful one that makes all of your posts look fabulous. In addition to this blog set up, you get several different practical inner pages. There are specially built inner pages for displaying information about gift cards, presenting your company and explaining a little bit more about yourself, just to name a few. When crafting a beautiful looking online chop, flexibility is a must. This team is as adaptable as any on the market.

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Porto, User Friendly WooCommerce Capable WordPress Theme
Porto offers lots of premade WooCommerce shops and with a clean, almost corporate style, it works great when you have tons of products to sell. Very professional.

Porto is a multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme with over 30 different brand new demos that have just been released. That brings the total up to nearly 100 and considering this is among the most popular WooCommerce themes available, you’ll probably find that quite a number of them worked great for any sort of product you could want to sell. this is among the highest rated WordPress WooCommerce themes available and it’s great for beginners and experts alike. It’s flexible enough for an expert to get everything they could want out of it, but it’s simple enough for a beginner to have up and running within just a few minutes. This theme is well-supported and well-documented, totally responsive and it’s among the highest rated themes of its kind.

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XStore, WordPress Theme for WooCommerce Powered Online Shops
XStore has a clean design and lots of style. In terms of flexibility, XStore provides lots of cool features to get you off on the right foot.

XStore is a responsive, multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme, and it allows you to build any type of online shop quickly. Elementor page builder is fully supported and you can use the pre-built content blocks to create new layouts anytime you need. Millions of people use the Elementor Page builder and it’s one of the best ways out there to get the job done. Over 20 different demo styles are included, then premium widgets have been provided for adding me flexibility and this king size WooCommerce theme has over 90 different pre-built shops that are ready to go right out of the box. That’s about as many as any theme I’ve ever seen or reviewed.

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WoodMart, Creative WooCommerce Ready WordPress Theme
WoodMart has a very specific design, but it’s a classic. That means, I think it’s adaptable enough for any sort of product.

Woodmart is a WooCommerce theme that provides over 60 different demos that are perfect for different sales and niches. Included are beautiful online shops for furniture stores, medical products, home decor, a wine shop, sunglasses and eyeglasses, travel agency websites, sporting goods, watches, automotive products and a whole lot more. I could go on and on, but I think you probably get the picture. This is a theme with an extensive amount of demo styles, total flexibility and control over layouts and style and since it’s one of the most popular themes of its kind, the support and documentation are really outstanding.

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Bridge, Creative WooCommerce Theme with a Clean Design
Bridge harnesses the power of WooCommerce to help you build a memorable online presence for any line of product.

Bridge is an Elementor powered, creative WooCommerce WordPress theme that is totally flexible, totally tapped apple and totally easy to use. A lot of professional web developers actually use this theme for working on client projects. So, if developers are using it, you know it’s got to be pretty flexible and simple to manage. There are over 200 different fully customizable and beautiful elements included that can add functionality to any page you want. Social media is a strong part of any WooCommerce store and this theme does a great job of blending your social media into the mix. Beautiful, simple, wide-ranging with over 500 different demos and 24 distinctive layout concepts, this theme has it all.

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Avada, Popular, Multipurpose WooCommerce WP Theme
Avada is one of the most popular themes ever made and with hundreds of different pre-made designs, you’ll be able to build just about anything you want.

Avada is among the most popular WordPress themes ever made. With over 600,000 sales, there’s almost no type of online shop that isn’t using this beautiful, powerful template.Iit’s got a custom header and footer builder, all of the necessary inner pages are pre-built and ready to go, the Avada theme builder is a great option for crafting distinctive layouts and the fusion theme options panel allows for full control over every design element. And, of course, WooCommerce is fully supported and perfectly integrated. You can customize everything about your WooCommerce shop using the guild in Avada options Network, keeping everything in one place is what this theme is all about.

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The7, Premium WooCommerce Ready WordPress Theme
The7 has every feature you can imagine and loads of premade shop designs. Take that Shopify!

The7 is a multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme with a huge fan base and all the tools you need to build an outstanding online shop. Included with this template or WP Bakery Page Builder, slider revolution, the go pricing plug-in and more. It’s a really great value and the fun doesn’t stop there. With the most recent update, this theme now works hand-in-hand with the Elementor page builder to give you even more ways to craft unique layouts. The supporting documentation are outstanding, the code and design are pristine and with this theme, there’s absolutely no type of online shop you can’t create to sell any type of product you want.

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BeTheme, Best Ever WordPress Woo-Commerce Theme
BeTheme has over 500 different designs and plenty of customization options for you. A full-featured, well rounded theme overall.

Finally, BeTheme. This responsive and multi-purpose WordPress theme is another of the most popular templates available. It completely supports WooCommerce, it offers one click installation of any of the five hundred different pre-built websites and each of them fully support WooCommerce. considering there are five hundred different demos and considering all of the options and add-ons this theme brings to the table, it’s relatively lightweight. So, you’re website performance will not be compromised if you choose this template. With such a large base of users, the supporting documentation are outstanding and any issues you could possibly run into have probably already been done. So, it’s going to be a great theme for beginners and experts alike.

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