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November 7, 2019

There are an astonishing number of WordPress photography themes out there so finding a great one shouldn’t be too difficult a task. of all of these themes, we have chosen to highlight some of the best wedding photography WordPress themes around, helping you to create a website to promote your work and to gain new clients. But, with so many options, you may run into an issue of trying to narrow down the selection to the absolute best themes available. That’s what this collection is all about. We have searched high and low for the very best photography themes for wedding photographers.

All of the themes in this collection were designed to help you share your portfolio online and promote your services. These themes give you a very stylish, user-friendly environment to create any type of wedding photography website. Each one of the themes in this collection represents the absolute best of the best. these themes have very useful features help you promote your services and land new clients. Many of the themes in this collection include booking systems that can help automate the process of bringing in new clients and showing them what you have to offer. Nearly everything here offers very strong social media integration and I can help simplify the way you connect with potential clients and how you share your photos on the web.

Each and every theme and this collection can be customized and adapted to work great for your needs.men’s collection actually include a drag-and-drop page builder tool which can allow you to create new design elements, adjust layouts and create templates for your posts and pages. This allows you to create a truly custom looking website for your wedding photography business.

Well each and every theme in this collection does offer a very specific, pre-made style for wedding photography sites, a lot of them are great for general-purpose photography portfolios too. They can all be adjusted and adapted to work for your needs. To see some additional photography theme options, you might want to take a look at our original collection of the absolute best WordPress photography themes.

Fargo, Beautiful WordPress Wedding Photographer Theme


Fargo is a great-looking photography WordPress theme that promises to let your content stand out. Everything has been purpose-built for photography portfolios from the free flowing navigation to the dynamic transitions, everything fits together perfectly. Your work will always be front-and-center with this gorgeous, well-organized and attractive WordPress wedding photography theme. with Fargo, it doesn’t matter what size or shape your images are, whether they are portrait photographs or landscapes.

If you want to add text to help frame your content, you can do that. It even works great with video. This theme can over a really cinematic experience for your visitors, letting them get really into each image with a feature that allows them to zoom in and out of your photographs. Everything in this theme can be customized, colors and fonts of course, but also the general photography lay out of your sight. with WooCommerce integration, the absolute most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, you can establish an online shop to increase your revenue streams.

Use it to sell photos and get more photoshoot bookings. Whatever you choose to do is easily achieved, thanks to the user-friendly features that are offered by WooCommerce. This is definitely a wedding photography themes that can help you build your business from the ground up and it’s also great for rebranding and existing site to help lorien new traffic and new clients.

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Inspiro, Wedding Photography WordPress Theme


If you want to make your photographs the focal point of your site, this is a WordPress wedding theme that was specifically built for just that purpose. when it comes to publishing wedding photography portfolios, this theme offers a fantastic selection of different gallery templates. These templates allow you to display your photos or video content just how you want to display them. If you need to tweak the look or feel of your portfolio, his theme has a full-featured email options panel that allows you to completely personalize your site. Your website doesn’t mean to look like anyone else’s if you choose this high-quality, flexible and dynamic theme. You also get a wide selection of blog templates, and attractive and functional contact page and like a lot of the other themes in this collection, you get full support for WooCommerce. That allows you to take payments and sell stuff online. It’s really cool.

Another thing that this template offers, full support for video. If you need to embed or self-host video clips in addition to your wedding photography, this could be a great choice. Your portfolio can easily adapt itself to handle either video or images and you can mix and match them within your portfolio as well. this theme offers you multiple different pre-made demo styles that have a wide range of topics. One of them includes a wedding photography services site and most of the designs are easily adapted to fill that niche. all of the styles, well nearly all of them, offer full with video and photo sliders as their most primary feature. This is a very eye-catching way to welcome folks to your website. Once people have scrolled past the slider, they’ll be able to navigate their way through a different posts and pages with ease. They can even filter photos using subject tabs. your website can offer great-looking layouts where you can share information about your business, integrate social media and help to market your site in a gentle way. This is a really all inspiring theme that I think could be absolutely ideal for any wedding photography business.

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Luminis, Photography WordPress Theme for Weddings


This is another outstanding WordPress theme for wedding photographers, thanks to its wide range of portfolio options and different styles of. It’s not strictly limited to wedding photography though, no matter what type of photographs you are taking, this theme can help prevent them in a really attractive way.

If you are a freelance wedding photographer or you have your own studio, helping to promote your business is of critical importance. Creating a website for your photography studio is a wonderful way to help promote your business. but not just any WordPress theme will do, you want one that has the style and features that every wedding photography business could possibly want. Luckily, this theme offers a pre-built, purpose made wedding photography template that is going to work great for your needs. But, if you find that you liked some of the design elements or features from some of the other demos that are included in this portfolio theme, you can mix and match to create just the site that you want. It’s a very straightforward theme and it’s beginner-friendly. If you’re looking for an easy way to launch you are a new site, choosing one of the pre-made demos and using the one click demo import is great way to start. It really makes sense.

As you go to setup your new photo portfolio theme, you’ll get a lot of different portfolio designs and layouts to choose from. You can even customize the display of your images using the powerful theme options panel. This theme options panel may be familiar to many of you, it allows you to adjust colors, fonts, padding and other little design details that can help separate your site from the others. These controls are very user-friendly and anyone, from beginner to expert, can use them to completely personalize your website. This theme definitely does not lock you into just one design or one concept.

As with many of the other themes in this collection, this template offers strong social media integration to help you connect with your Instagram account and that is another great way to meet new potential clients. You can share your photographs on Instagram with just a few clicks and your Instagram feed can be ported into a plug-in to display on your website. Nearly any wedding photographer should probably have a blog to augment their marketing campaign. This theme offers an attractive blog with quite a number of features that are easy to adjust and adapt. It’s very important to share engaging, interesting content with potential clients to help them make their decision about your services. This is an all-around theme that I think could work great for any sort of photography portfolio, particularly wedding photography.

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Framed, WordPress Wedding Photography Theme


Another wonderful businesses is called framed. This theme was built very specifically for wedding photography sites and I think it pulls it off with a lot of style and a lot of functionality. Building a professional wedding photography business is more than just a website of course, but this theme really gives you a great starting point to get your digital ducks in a row. This theme includes a very helpful template for all of the inner pages that any online business site is going to need. You’ll have a special area where you can introduce yourself to your new clients, of course of portfolio section to showcase your work and let people know about your skills, there’s even an online booking section. This allows people to make payments using WooCommerce and reserve your services for any day that they choose. This gives your visitors the ability to save a little bit of time and energy, not everyone wants to have to make phone calls to book their wedding photographer. All of the relevant information will be collected through that form and after you’re done with your work, you can share those images with your clients privately using the password protected image gallery. It’s a really cool feature that I think is going to be very useful to a lot of photographers.

There are a sizable amount of pre-made demo styles to choose from when you select this theme. Each and every one of these demos is built for wedding photography businesses that want to provide a very user-friendly display for content. You’ll find a prebuilt wedding photography demo site that can really help you launch your page quickly. Of course, any of the demos that are included could work well for a photography business, no matter whether it’s wedding photographs or something else entirely. Many photographers offer multiple services, you might not want to narrow it down to just wedding photography. Perhaps you want to prime of your site for senior photos? Baby photos? The choice is yours. Ultimately, this theme offers so much flexibility I think that it would work great for multiple types of photography sites.

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Vivagh, Wedding Photography WordPress Theme


This is a beautiful WordPress theme that gives you three different pre-made wedding demos to help you launch your wedding photography business site. if you want all the benefits of an off-the-shelf theme but one that gives you a truly custom book at the end of the day, this theme is a great option. You can help you create that truly custom look for your site, even if you’re not an expert with WordPress it. It’s really nice combination of features.

With these three different wedding photography demo’s, you’re probably going to find a few options that work perfectly right out of the box. However, if none of these Gemma styles works for you immediately, each and every one of them can be customized to make Versailles look precisely like he wanted to. Two of the designs offer full-width images, ideal for showcasing large images on one page. there’s also a grid layout that lets you showcase multiple photos at once. It’s up to you which one works for you or concept.

In my opinion, each of these home page layouts looks fantastic and could work perfectly as your new Home page. However, you’re certainly not limited to just those pre-made designs. Team is completely customizable so that you can create any sort of look that you want. You have over 150 different short codes to work with that can be inserted into any post for page with just a couple of clicks. These short codes can really add functionality that the theme doesn’t offer right out of the box. It gives you a ton of flexibility. You can display image carousels, image galleries, pricing tables, call to action buttons and a whole lot more. You even get several different header and footer styles to choose from and thanks to the wpbakery page builder, you’ll never run out of customization options with this theme.

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PH, Wedding Photography Portfolio Theme


This game has an incredibly timeless design, you can see that right out of the box. It’s certainly the first thing that a lot of people notice about this template. And having a timeless design is something a lot of clients are looking for when it comes to wedding photography. So, that look may be perfect for many of you. Many couples who are looking for a wedding photographer or hoping to find that kind of classic timeless style. They want their wedding photos to last a lifetime and knowing that they won’t become dated instantly is very comforting to a lot of people. So, anybody photographer who can offer that type of style may have a leg up with a lot of potential clients.it all starts with a very prominent homepage slider that is the first thing your visitors are going to see when they come to your site. It’s a great way to promote your most popular or you’re most striking images. It’s a great way to promote your skills without bragging.

When people visit your website, your default homepage gives you a ton of opportunities to share your best content, this straightforward and impactful theme allows you to arrange content into a very visual, impactful galleries. You have areas to add text about your services, social media integration, custom headers and footers, a feed of your latest photographs and more. This theme gives you multiple image gallery styles, several different portfolio templates and using either the pre-build page or any custom look, you can really generate a website that is memorable and one that can help you gain new clients.

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Kirsten, WordPress Wedding Photo Portfolio Theme


Almost every wedding photographer should want their images to be the star of the show. It should be the main component of any wedding photography website. In fact, any photographer worth their salt is going to want to promote their images in the most prominent places on their website. With a huge and attractive, full with slider, several different eye-catching layouts and a well-organized design, Kirsten that is absolutely perfect for photographers. when your images are so prominently placed and eye-catching, visitors are going to want to stick around to take another look. As your visitors check out your content, they will notice that the default homepage has I have quite a number of features that work to promote your content. You can display logos of previous clients or companies that you have worked with.

Of course, many wedding photographers aren’t going to need that feature. However, it’s still nice to have if you should happen to meet it. In terms of customization, Kirsten has just about as many customization options as any theme I have seen. It’s almost impossible to create a theme with this many features. Somehow, the developer has managed to do it. The theme options panel remains quite user-friendly, despite all of the customization options that are at your fingertips. Pearson offers the premium page builder plugin wpbakery page builder. That’s included at absolutely no cost. It’s a page builder that helps you visually construct pages and posts, completely customizing them and getting a tailor-made look, despite the fact that this is an off-the-shelf theme.

These days, mobile design is more important than ever and Pearson is perfectly responsive, looking fantastic on all devices, no matter what shape or size. considering the fact that it was built with mobile device users in mind, you know your theme is going to look amazing for every visitor who comes to your site. I can really help your chances of converting a visitor into a client.

Kirsten is a very well-rounded theme, it has every feature that you could possibly want and I really personally enjoy the design of this modern and responsive, feminine and attractive wedding photography theme.

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Wiso, WordPress Theme for Wedding Photographers


With several different premium photography website demos, this is a great option for wedding photographers who want flexible, professional and dynamic theme. Creating an engaging website for your content is well within your grasp, thanks to over thirty different demo website styles that are pre-made and ready to go. these demos cover a wide range of books and each can be customized even further to make sure your website has all the features and the style that you needed to have. Many of these options include slider featured on pages, some have very simple, clean and minimal layouts. There are quite a number of different grid layouts to you to help display multiple photos at the same time.

One of the great things about this theme is also something that might not be perfect for everyone. It’s got a very neutral, opinion freestyle. Well many wedding photographers might value this clean, simple look, many of you may want more style for your pages and galleries. Fortunately, everything is completely customizable thanks to the see my options panel. Using any of the pre-built layouts, you can add multiple portfolio galleries, showcase your skills and experience, display testimonials and even accept looking through your contact page, thanks to WooCommerce.

This theme offers another cool feature for photographers, proofing galleries. You can privately share any gallery with specific clients and once you have given them a password, they can review your work and give you private feedback. This feature is built into the theme so it’s very simple process to password protect these image galleries. You can even add watermarks to your photos to make sure they aren’t used without you were expressed permission. This is a premium quality theme with premium features and I think a lot of wedding photographers are going to absolutely love it.  Here are a few more WooCommerce themes that could be helpful to you.

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