WPCast Podcasting WordPress Theme

Begin your show with a sensational, personalized intro bumper before your slick opener starts. This theme has you covered in all the places if it comes to RSS feed integration for iTunes and Google Play Store submissions. Need more ways to get noticed? The radio-style DJ shows are ready for when that personal flair is what’s needed! You can also upload custom images or illustrations for use in your podcast cover art. When conversion rates are important to you – this WPCast WordPress Theme will take care of everything else, starting at $59 for a lifetime of usage!

In order for podcasters to create, edit, and publish their podcasts without having to manually code, WpCast was designed specifically for them. WpCast is the quickest and most convenient way to add rich media content to your WordPress site, such as music and a live chat room, without having to code anything.

WPCast is here and we’re capturing the podcasting trend with one design for all! Get your website, sound effects and social tie-ins in good shape to really make a splash, or upgrade what you already have. There’s never been a more powerful Theme like this before – push your audience into the action as if they were broadcasting themselves. Watch as WPCast caters seamlessly to whatever you need it for; interviews between slides that sync up automatically, huge sponsor ads that take over whole sections of your page – there’s no end to how high quality it can get!

When it comes to joining the bandwagon, if you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t afford all of the expensive equipment and software, today is your lucky day. Everything is included in WpCast’s package. Amazon provides cutting-edge audio capabilities. Amazon Polly and Amazon Echo/Google Assistant provide a level of authenticity that is unmatched in the industry. WpCast will create the DJ-meets-conference call environment that every blogger requires for as little as $6 per month, which is less than a latte for something that would take you days to build. Take back control from podcasts with podcasts that are actually podcasts from the perspective of WordPress professionals. Install it in one minute using our simple mobile web app and start listening right away.

Oh, the joys of having a microphone! Whether they’re in person or on the go with their mobile phone, our friends always have a slew of questions, and we know exactly how to provide them with an answer via podcasting. Podcast website WpCast is your one-stop shop for an awesome podcast website that never misses a beat. In addition to having a non-stop music player and integrations with Apple Podcast (previously iTunes Podcast), Google Podcast, and Libsyn, it is also compatible with Anchor.fm and Blubrry, giving you an abundance of options.

If you’re looking for that perfect theme to tell the world about your podcast, then WPCast is right up your alley. This innovative WordPress Theme has it all! Discover new sections in the live broadcaster suite – from radio style DJ shows, playlist players, interviews with seamless slideshows – to make an episode of your next podcast one to remember. Get started today and let WPCast be your partner in success!

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