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Zadora – Clean, Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

August 30, 2019
Zadora Clean, Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Behold: Zadora.

This thing is clean, minimal and unique. It’s a professional theme that a great for promoting any type of product. I suppose it works just as well for services as well, even though the demo styles that they have chosen or more about products like fashion home decor and stuff like that. You get six different homepage styles, seven shop pages and 12 different product types. They’re even 11 different product layouts, each one providing a unique style that somebody out there is going to absolutely love. Let’s take a look at the front page to see what you got.

Sentinal - Fashion Modern Shop

If you like to spend a little bit less than this theme will cost you, we’ve got a free option for you. It’s our first free WordPress theme and it’s called Oregon. Named for my beloved home state, this theme has a lot going for it. It’s clean and simple, easy to use and easy to customize. It’s got quite a few options for layouts and if you know a little bit about CSS, there’s nothing that you can’t accomplish with it. It’s fast living and lightweight, minimalist and modern. Here’s a look at the front page, at least the way I have it set up.

Oregon, Free WordPress Blog Theme

If you’d like to take a look at the demo, click here. Here is the download page where you can read my full write-up of the theme, which is not particularly in-depth at this point. I keep meaning to go back and edit it, but it is what it is. So, grab yourself a free copy and see if it works for your needs. I think that it’s particularly good for personal and style blogs, anyone who wants a clean and simple, minimalist woocommerce set up, you’re in luck too. Anyway, I’ve introduced it enough.

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