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Zelle, One Page Creative WordPress Theme

September 9, 2019

Formerly known as Zerif, this one page WordPress team is called Zelle Pro. Zelle Pro is a premium one page theme that gives you all the features that a multi-page theme would offer, but it only uses one page. There’s an elegant scrolling Parallax feature common multiple interactive elements and compatibility with all your favorite drag-and-drop page builders. All together, this provides a very modern look and style for your website, any feature that you could possibly imagine and the ability to edit it all in the live customizer. This theme is dead simple to customize, you’ll even get to see the changes that you make in real time.

And why should it? After all, it is in fact the same exact theme. I’m not sure what drove theme Isle to change the name of their most popular theme, perhaps I will ask them about it here in the near future. No matter what, the template is still high quality and still works great for almost any sort of business. It’s a joyful WordPress theme with a flexible one page layout that really shines. There is elegant Parallax scrolling, compatibility with all the popular drag and drop page Builders, a Thoroughly Modern look and a huge amount of interactive elements. Zelle Pro features WooCommerce support, alive theme customizer that has never been easier to use and it’s just as seo-friendly as ever.

Zelle is translation and right-to-left language ready, it’s highly seo-friendly and offers a 1-minute setup and demo content to get you started quickly. This theme is optimized for Speed, provides one-click updates and fast, friendly support if you need it. What’s more, you can access the video tutorials to get even more help in setting up and customizing your theme. It seems as if they have thought of everything with this template.

It’s interesting, this theme actually does offer woocommerce support as well, but that may be a bit more difficult to make the most of, that’s because this theme is not compatible with multi-page designs. Yep, Zelle is a complete one page theme, specifically built for that purpose. If you want more pages, you’ll have to cuz them yourself or find a different themed I suppose. So, keep that in mind as you are looking for WordPress themes for a one-page site. This one is not going to give you the end flexibility that a multi-page or a more multi-purpose template can provide.

Zelle Pro WordPress Theme

If this isn’t exactly the type of one page WordPress theme that you had in mind, you shouldn’t worry too much about that. We have you covered. That’s why we’re here.

We have gathered up a huge selection of fantastic one page WordPress themes. You can check out our collection of those themes here. Each and every one of them is the type of theme that only needs one page to get the message across. If you’re running a business, selling products or promoting a new application or piece of software, one of these themes is going to be perfect for your needs. We have tried our best to gather up themes of a wide variety of styles, trying to keep things as fresh as possible.  That said, you’ll find a wide range of styles, minimalist, more ornate themes, flat themes and more.  We hope that that collection will be the place to go for anyone who is searching for a high quality one page web template, no matter what the niche or genre.

New themes are being added all the time, because there are new themes being created all the time. That’s how it works.  That’s what makes WordPress one of the best content Management Systems around, the sheer number of themes that come into existence everyday is staggering. And you are the beneficiary, you will have a wide range of themes to choose from, no matter what type of theme you are looking for.

If you know of another great one page name that we have not added to our collection yet, please let us know a comment section. We will be certain to add each and every great quality theme that is recommended by our readers. That way, we can help even more people find a delightful WordPress theme that perfectly fits with their business’ needs.

Constructed on the strong Bootstrap three frame, it gives one-page styling that’s completely responsive in every way so that it looks great regardless of what size display it is viewed on. Speedy load times are guaranteed by careful coding to excel in any given operation evaluation potential. The admin control panel is exceptionally intuitive, so that non-developers can personalize the page design, content and graphics easily. Full search engine optimization integration helps your company develop and attain greater profits by bringing traffic that is more organic. The high caliber Zelle Pro WP theme design can help convert them to clients or customers. The favorite online sales plugin WooCommerce integrates completely on this theme so it is possible to sell electronic or real products easily. Every component of the website could be tweaked or altered to best reflect your organization or professional self. Zelle Pro asserts high loading rates, requires no programming knowledge and permits for ultimate customization easily. Zerif Pro is a wonderful theme, especially if what you want is a simple but strong and fast loading single page theme.

Zelle Pro is the premium version of Zelle Lite, which is among the most popular free WordPress themes around.  Now, Zelle Pro adds some features that aren’t available in Zelle Lite, but both are responsive and have that same great single page design that people go wild for.

You can easily customize this theme by changing various color schemes, fonts and more.  It’s a really powerful one page theme with enough flexibility to be a real all-purpose theme.  I’ve heard from some folks who are a little bit nervous about drag and drop themes, since the learning curve can be a bit steep at the beginning, so I decided to personally test Theme Isle’s setup (it uses the Site Origin Page Builder) and I can say that it’s pretty intuitive.  The descriptions are clear and straightforward and I think that it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for you, even if you’re a bit of a beginner at WordPress.

There’s pretty much nothing in the world of WordPress that Zelle Pro can’t do and do very, very well.  I say that as somebody who’s been around the WordPress theme world for a few years now, this is one of the very best premium WordPress themes around and it just keeps getting better with every version created by ThemeIsle.

On the one hand, Zelle Pro is a business theme and it’s a darn good one at that.  It’s responsive, well designed and it supports WooCommerce, certainly among the things you need to offer to start a very well appointed website.  But Zelle Pro goes so much further than that.

With WooCommerce, you can harness the power of the best free eCommerce plugin in the world to sell your products.  Plus you want to talk about addons?  WooCommerce has a ton of free and premium addons that help make it easier for you to create products, manage inventory and more.

The Site Origin Page Builder plugin lets you drag and drop your way to the layout you’ve been looking for.  I should note at this point, Zelle Pro is pretty much a one page WordPress theme, it doesn’t need multiple pages to show off all of your content.  If that’s something you’re interested in but Zelle Pro doesn’t exactly fit the bill for you, then maybe you should look at some of the other great one page themes we’ve collected over time.

Here’s a look at some of the cool styles that you can create with Zelle Pro.

Zelle Pro, WordPress GPL Landing Page Theme

Those five looks were created with child themes, which is a smart strategy for adapting and making changes to your theme without changing the original code.  That way, when ThemeIsle decides to update their theme, it won’t go and break your site.  Anyway, child themes are usually a pretty smart move.

Let’s take a peek at some of the other great features offered by this ThemeIsle gem, which has been reviewed and recommended by Adobe, Smashing Magazine, Forbes and even Templified!

  • Beautiful One Page Design
  • WooCommerce Ready eCommerce Solution
  • Fully Responsive
  • Drag and Drop Content Builder
  • SEO Friendly Design
  • Live WordPress Customizer
  • Translation and RTL Ready
  • Simple 1 Minute Setup and Demo Data Import
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Mega Menus
  • Video Tutorials
  • In Depth Documentation & Support

And probably more that I’m leaving out.  In the end, Zerif Pro is a great looking, full featured theme that would be a great start to a highly professional website for your next project.

Zerif can be found in our collection of WordPress personal blog themes as well as WordPress WooCommerce themes.  We’re coming back very soon with even more great WordPress themes.  One we just reviewed is Eames, if you’re looking for a great minimalist theme, it could be what you’ve been searching for.  Looking for more? Have a look at our collection of one page themes. You might also be interested in some business themes that are similar to Zelle Pro. Either way, I hope you find what you’re looking for and hopefully your website takes off into the stratosphere. Not literally, figuratively.

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